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Is Dominica a strong passport?



The power of the passport on offer is one of the most essential parts of a country’s economic citizenship programme. The more countries you can visit without a visa, the more strong your passport is. A Dominica passport is one of the most powerful on the market, and is available through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme. One of the most important Dominica citizenship privileges is the ability to travel visa-free or with a visa on arrival to over 145 countries and places worldwide. Dominica’s passport worth will be increased in 2021 with the introduction of Dominica Biometric E-Passports. Today’s column will thus look at the expanding power of this one-of-a-kind travel document in the context of answering the question “How can you obtain a Dominica passport investment?” Readers will also discover basic facts about the island, as well as the answers to often asked questions such “Is Dominica a British territory?” And even more.

  • Dominica Passport Power

One of the key Dominica citizenship perks is the strength of its national passport; the Dominica passport is rated 31 in the world, which is an unusually high position in comparison to other national passports.

The strength of the Dominica passport stems from the amount of visa-free access it grants bearers worldwide. A Dominica passport permits you to access over 140 countries and places worldwide, either without a visa or with a simple visa-on-arrival.

Dominica’s passport strength is also evident in the fact that it offers entry to several nations that have stringent visa requirements for travellers. In this respect, Dominica allows its passport holders to enter nations where most people require a visa. Europe is an excellent illustration of this. The Schengen region requires nationals of several countries to get Schengen visas in order to enter any of its 26 member nations. Dominica passport holders, on the other hand, are immune from all Schengen visa restrictions, which means they can enter the zone without first getting a visa.

The Dominica passport offers bearers access to two European countries that, while not Schengen Member States, have rigorous visa requirements for foreigners: the United Kingdom and Russia. Dominica passport holders have access to both of these countries. The fact that a Dominica passport bearer does not require a visa to enter any of the 26 Schengen nations, the United Kingdom, or Russia demonstrates the value of the Dominica passport (few global passports entitle holders to such access).

On November 22, 2021, the Commonwealth of Dominica and China signed a mutual visa exemption agreement. The deal went into effect immediately, allowing Dominicans to go to China without a visa.

Because the number of nations with visa-waiver agreements with China is limited, this recent development emphasises the strength and status of the Dominica passport. Most nations’ nationals must go through the visa application procedure, which can take a significant amount of time, and we all know that time is of the utmost in business.

Dominica passport holders have access to a plethora of investment options in not just the world’s second-largest economy, but also one of its most valued industrial and commercial centres.

Dominica plans to boost the worth of its passports in 2021 by introducing Dominica Biometric E-Passports for new applicants. This new passport, which was introduced in July of this year, will be the official Dominica travel document, replacing the country’s earlier non-biometric form. A biometric passport, which comprises a holder’s biometric information (such as the bearer’s photo and fingerprints), is projected to modernise Dominica’s quickly evolving immigration/passport system while also assisting the country in securing its borders.

  • Benefits of Dominican Citizenship

In addition to receiving a formidable worldwide passport, successful Dominica citizenship candidates will reap financial benefits from their participation in the CBI programme.

Dominica, unlike many other countries, has no inheritance, income, or wealth taxes. The second major benefit of Dominica citizenship is its tax-haven status, which allows people to increase their money against a stable and safe economic backdrop.

Dominica is a lovely and safe country, and people who obtain citizenship through the CBI programme can reside there eternally as citizens.

Finally, Dominica has no residence or dual citizenship restrictions, which is one of the program’s primary benefits. Dominica CBI candidates can so keep their previous citizenship and even avoid visiting the country if they so want.

  • How Can You Invest in a Dominica Passport?

Dominica citizenship (and, eventually, a Dominica passport) is accessible to participants in the country’s economic citizenship programme.

Dominica nationality may be obtained by financially investing in the country through the CBI programme, with a minimum monetary gift of $100,000 USD. Alternatively, you might invest $200,000 USD in real estate on the island (please note that neither price is reflective of processing fees and other related costs).

Applicants for Dominica citizenship can begin the process by hiring Guide Consultants to act as their marketing agent (all applicants for CBI citizenship are required to engage the services of a marketing agent prior to beginning the application process).

Dominica passport applicants will next go through an application procedure that will need the submission of several papers and materials pertaining to the applicant’s financial history, character, and security profile. Applicants take steps toward achieving the Dominica CBI eligibility requirements by submitting these and other needed documentation. Dominica only accepts candidates who meet the requirements listed below.

-They can afford all of the expenditures involved with their CBI filing.

-That they have a strong moral standing and pose no criminal risk to the island

-That the applicant is who they claim to be

-All Dominica CBI applications are subjected to a due diligence process to ascertain whether the applicant checks the aforementioned boxes.

Applicants who match the aforementioned eligibility conditions will be conditionally authorized for Dominica citizenship, pending the island’s processing of the applicant’s entire financial contribution (either through the donation or real-estate option, whichever was selected).

  • Commonwealth of Dominica:

Dominica, located in the Caribbean Sea between the French provinces of Guadeloupe and Martinique, has a population of slightly under 72,000 people who speak English/French-creole.

While there are no residence restrictions for CBI participants in Dominica, many Dominican residents prefer to live on the island after discovering its beauty and livability. The nation is famous for its natural beauty, which includes virgin woods and numerous beaches. Sailing, snorkeling, and other water sports are available to island residents. Rousseau, the capital, has a vibrant nightlife and restaurant scene.

Is Dominica a British colony? No. Dominica was occupied by both the British and the French in the past, but it is today an independent democratic republic. This implies that if you become a Dominican citizen, you will be granted Dominican citizenship (rather than British nationality). The island’s population’s ability with English, which is the official language (together with the widely spoken island variant of French Creole), is one beneficial legacy of the island’s British heritage (the island gained independence from the UK in 1978).


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