Is It Allowed to Remove Trees in Sydney?

There are many valid reasons why tree removal Sydney on private land is necessary; however, you should check local ordinances to ensure that you are within the law before proceeding. According to the regulations of your city or township, you may require a permit to cut down a tree on your property. Any tree that is dying has fallen or is within three to five metres of your house can often be cut down without a permit. The regulations of your municipality will determine whether or not you require permission, but you may also consult a certified arborist to get a free estimate if you’re unsure.

When do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Australian jurisdictions have slightly different legal frameworks because each state and territory pass its legislation. The following are, nevertheless, the most common scenarios in which a permit is required for tree removal:

  1. Endangered/Protected Trees: If you need to remove an endangered or protected tree in Sydney, Australia, you will likely require permission or consent from the city council or city forestry department. Trees that are uncommon or at risk of annihilation in Australia are protected by law. Examples of such trees are Burdett gum and Cider Gum. So if a tree is protected or endangered, you need permission to cut them down.
  2. Trees Under Government Programs: It’s possible that the tree you want to cut down was planted on your land as part of a federal or local tree planting initiative. Maybe the tree was planted with the help of a grant or subsidy from the government to either you or the former owner/occupier. As such, chopping down the tree without the proper paperwork is illegal.
  3. Trees on Boundary Lines: If your boundary line is adjacent to a public or council park, you may require permission to cut down trees along that boundary. Even if the tree is partially on your property, the council may claim ownership.
  4. Native Vegetation: If you want to remove naturally occurring trees on your property, you may require a permit. Such trees are typically protected by local government’s natural vegetation management programmes or legislation.
  5. Historically significant Trees: The unauthorised removal of certain old trees might result in fines due to their potential historical value. These trees could be hundreds of years old and have been on your land for a long time, possibly even before you bought them. Inquire with the regional forestry office before doing anything to the old trees you’ve discovered on your property.

Bottom Line

Cutting down a tree in Sydney, Australia is not illegal; you just need to understand situations where you are allowed to remove trees and others where you need permission before you do so. Perhaps you have a tree disturbing your property, or something you want to do that falls within these categories; you need to contact the necessary authorities before taking action – it is better to be safe than sorry in these situations.

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