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Jack in the Box restaurant manager stabbed by customer who refused to wear a mask, police say




“It’s a very polarizing situation,” said Gary Ratliff, head of League City police. “Where some people don’t think there are masks and others do.”

According to police, James Schulz, 53, entered the restaurant Wednesday night without a mask. He was asked to bring one to be served or to use the unit.

The customer “refused belligerently,” Ratliff said, and accused restaurant staff of not wanting to serve him because he was homeless.

Then Schulz headed for the door and when the manager turned his back on him, he allegedly ran after the manager, attacked him and stabbed him several times in the upper arm and torso with what looked like a knife. pocket, according to Ratliff.

Several co-workers rushed to help the manager and Schulz fled the restaurant by bike. The manager was taken to a local hospital with three stab wounds, was treated and released.

Police continue to search for Schulz and describe him as a transient person in the area.

Ratliff said people should respect the mask policies of local businesses.

“A lot of these people have had some of these events, I don’t know this manager, but they have had personal events with loved ones who have died and died as a result of Covid, just as some of our officers have had,” he said. dir Ratliff dit. “All I would ask is that people respect the opinions and policies of these companies.”

“You can refuse to do business on these sites, or whatever you want to do, but there is no reason to resort to aggressive behavior like this,” he added.