King Woods set for G4’s “The Catastrophic Launch Spectacular!”


The G4 Network is gearing up for a spectacular launch centered on King Woods.

“Spectacular catastrophic launch!” is set for this Tuesday and will feature Woods along with first look at Attack of the Show !, Xplay, Boosted, Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Invitation to Party, and more! Woods was announced first cast of G4 in November 2020.

WWE and G4 have also partnered for a series of video game competitions that will premiere early next year, with Woods hosting an as-yet-to-be-named program. In the new series, some of the biggest game content creators will battle each other to settle scores with real-world results in some of the most popular video games.

Following its launch on Tuesday, the G4 will linearly debut on Verizon’s Fios, Cox and Xfinity TV channels. The network will also stream on Philo and partner with Twitch in a multi-year advertising and commercial partnership through the official G4 Twitch channel. G4 will also continue to create content for specific channels on its social media and YouTube.

The G4 programming plan at launch will include a wide variety of content, including new releases of favorite old G4 shows, exclusive content, best interviews, and more, including:

  • Attack of the show!: The original variety show of computer geek culture returns with host Kevin Pereira and a new cavalcade of losers. Disrespectful and unprepared Attack of the show! is a hospitable place for any fan who wants to spend a couple of hours chuckling, watching epic tricks and hilarious sketches, and delving deeper into the latest Internet trends. From hilarious web videos to memes, all kinds of streaming, celebrities and weirdest tech, Attack of the show! still a show that gets it before it comes out.
  • Xplay: Xplay used an extra life! The Ultimate Video Game Review returns as a digital-centric content brand that balances authoritative loud confidence with the absurdity of an open-source comedy sketch show while (somehow) retaining enough credibility to be interviewed by the industry’s top luminaries. Xplay expands the conversation with insightful and daring exploration of every game worth your time: AAA, indie, mobile, VR, retro… it’s all on the table. Adam Sessler is back, joined by a group of hilarious experts to bring a violent voice to the modern gaming scene.
  • Reinforced: Reinforced is a weekly esports comedy series for curious gamers and esports fanatics. Boosted is the moment in the game when you realize that you are the worst player in the lobby. We want to enjoy the entry-level experience as we approach gaming and esports as trainees under the guidance of our top-tier experts. Reinforced will cover the latest trends, news and tournaments in the esports world every week.
  • Ninja warrior: The drive to climb Mount Midoriyama returns as the G4 gains exclusive linear broadcasting rights to Sasuke, better known as Ninja warrior in the USA – from Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS). G4 will show all 167 episodes of the legendary competition series, in which heroic athletes of all categories, from professional gymnasts to fishermen and comedians, compete in a four-stage, formidable and / or impossible obstacle course. G4 will also feature three tournaments that have not previously been held in the United States, Sasuke 35, 36 and 37.
  • ESL Gaming: G4 has partnered with ESL Gaming, the world’s leading esports and gaming lifestyle company, to create and broadcast multiple primetime esports programming for the first time ever for ESL Gaming in the US and Canada. G4’s exclusive inline streaming rights make it the premier venue for ESL Pro Tour events, including IEM Katowice 2022.
  • Dungeons & Dragons presents an invitation to the party: Thanks to the huge success of D&D Live 2021 featuring celebrities such as Jack Black, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Smith and DrLupo, G4 will continue its partnership with Wizards of the Coast with a brand new limited edition series that will premiere on G4. Fall. The first TV program dedicated to board games will bring together a group of comedians and content creators who form a fearless group of dice-throwing adventurers in search of wealth, fame and survival. Viewers who watch the live stream of the show on Twitch and Youtube will also participate in the action as they can directly influence the gameplay through real-time voting. Outrageous clues, storylines, NPC characters and obstacles will be presented by our viewers at home (and in the studio) for the DM and players.

Joining G4 for its official launch is an eclectic mix of outstanding talent from the gaming and entertainment industry, including returning G4 hosts Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler; esports personalities Alex “Goldenboy” Mendes (NBC host Titan Games), Ovili Mae and Froskurinn; WWE superstar King Woods, aka Austin Creed; Popular content creators Kassem Ji, Black Hokage and Girard “The Finisher” Khalil, Gina Darling, Fiona Nova and Will Neff; upstream vStreamer CodeMiko; and a degenerate puppet rat named Ratty.


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