Kyle O’Reilly steps to NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida in non-title match


Kyle O'Reilly becomes NXT Heavyweight Champion Kushida in Non-Title Match

Kyle O’Reilly wants to meet the best in the world and so he shouted Kushida

O’Reilly will face the NXT Heavyweight Champion in a non-title fight next Tuesday night at the NXT.

With NXT general manager William Regal banning O’Reilly and Adam Cole from contacting ahead of their rematch at NXT’s Great American Bash, O’Reilly hopes to stay at the top of his game in preparation for the battle with his former friend.

This led him to the cusp of the NXT Heavyweight Champion, who has beaten everyone since defeating Santos Escobar for the title.

Can O’Reilly win a major victory before he starts the war against Cole? Or will the NXT Time Splitter resident inflict a crushing setback on him?


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