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Man arrested following standoff at U-Haul store in south Wichita




WICHITA, Kan. 2:25 pm Update: An hour-long standoff in southern Wichita was arrested Monday after one man is in police custody.

Officers were called to the mile block of S. Broadway Monday afternoon to assist with the state. Police said the man broke the window to get into the U-Haul store around 9 am and received the keys as he entered one of the tightnesses. Someone inside the business called 911. When police arrived on the scene, they found the man in the cart.

The man drove the truck back and forth into the parking lot, as traffickers from the emergency SWAT team tried to persuade the man to get out. They offered him food, water, and even a cell phone to communicate with. Police said they were aware at first that the man was not armed and used time and space to explore the situation.

About 2:05 pm, a man from U-Haul got up and was arrested by police and K-9 officers. He was admitted to the hospital, to be treated for lacerating injuries, but still faces charges with the exception of aggravated robbery.

Police said the suspect had a recent interaction with law enforcement when he stole a car, and Sedgwick County Sheriff’s deputies took a short chase. They also believe the man was involved in a narcotics accident Monday.

Hamilton Middle School, which is located at 1407 S. Broadway, is located on a rooftop as a precaution.

Besides the suspected injuries, no one was injured.

1:35 pm Update: A SWAT team has been called in to help their staff in southern Wichita.

The traffickers are working to ensure that the man from the U-Haul arrives safely.

Police said he was in the U-Haul business before Monday, causing a commotion. He then stole some keys and got into one of the U-Haul trucks. Police arrived before he could escape the parking lot.

No injuries were reported from that accident.

Wichita police surrounded the business near Harry and Broadway while trying to cajole a man.

Officers were called to the mile block of S. Broadway at around 9:45 am due to a stoppage call that started a possible turmoil. Police learned the man in the U-Haul business had broken down, stolen the keys, and stopped the U-Haul vehicle.

The traffickers are now trying to talk to the man to get him out of the car.

The police say they will use time and space to guide them through the hope of peace.

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