A-Kid to collide with Devlin in grueling WWE Iron Man Match on NXT UK


NXT UK’s must-watch episode focuses on WWE Iron Man’s harrowing 30-minute match in which E-Kid battles Jordan Devlin.

While every competitor wants to get back on track after their recent championship loss, the similarities between the Spanish superstars and the Irish ace end there.

Case in point: A-Kid vowed to learn from the mistakes of his NXT UK Heritage Cup fight against Tyler Bate, while a fierce Devlin stated that he should still be considered the NXT Heavyweight Champion as Santos Escobar beat him … The match never pinned him.

The animosity between the two superstars escalated during a series of behind-the-scenes exchanges and reached a boiling point when Devlin defeated Ay-Kid by submission five weeks ago, a victory marked by the Irish ace bending his opponent’s leg at a grotesque angle and continuing to apply pressure after the challenge.

Although A-Kid was briefly injured and hobbled to the ring on crutches to confront Devlin last week, he suddenly attacked his nemesis when Devlin knocked the crutches out of his hands, perhaps proving that he was not as injured as he had originally feared. …

What happens when the two main rivals lose in a grueling 30-minute WWE Iron Man match?

Also at NXT UK, Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff are ready for their first team fight as partners. The two have trained together in recent weeks, and their first test will take place when they meet Danny Jones and Josh Morrell.

In addition, Xia Brookside is set to take on Blair Davenport, who surpassed Laura Di Matteo in an impressive debut performance last month.

Don’t miss the incredible NXT UK episode streaming at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and on the WWE network everywhere!


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