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Murder investigation after lawyer found dead in Queens office




JACKSON trees, Ilias (WABC) – A murder investigation was cited after he was found dead princess in a lawyer’s office Thursday.

A person cleaning the body was found 65 years ago Charles zolo before 6 am on the second floor of an office building on 82nd Street in Jackson Heights.

Aliquam dictum, was from a puncture wound in her breast, behind him, and the things which he suffered, and trauma.

When he first heard the news, other lawyers in the building died figure zolo debt repaid. But, as in the day, he departed, it is clear that it is not the cause of the.

No stops will be continued.

According to the business website’s zolo that there was a divorce, and child custody lawyer and real estate handled disputes.

Zolo not want to be the Queen on Thursday in the worst case.

“As a lawyer, some clients that you’re always a fear of disturbing it can really get to you and you live in a time when people get very crazy moved very quickly,” attorney Mark Drucker said.

Other lawyers said the case could be a wake-up call for the profession in which they deal with bitter disputes.

“It’s something that sure about me, and it’s sad, because out here trying to make a living attorney Jamel Oeser Sweat said.

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