NXT UK results: Sept. 2, 2021


Nathan Fraser Fights Teoman in Quarterfinals: NXT UK Review, September 2, 2021

Nathan Fraser fights Teoman in the NXT UK Heritage Cup # 1 Candidates’ Quarterfinals. In addition, Blair Davenport attacks Nina Samuels, Mackenzie vs. Amale and Mastiff, and Stars vs. Moloney and Wilde. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Nina Samuels vs. Blair Davenport Ended Without Competition
Moments before their scheduled match was due to kick off, Blair Davenport’s gothic charisma became completely unstable when she suddenly unleashed a brutal pre-match attack from behind Nina Samuels before driving her into the canvas in the center of the ring.

A sea of ​​British NXT officials quickly emerged to restore order, and when Assistant General Manager Sid Scala ordered Blair to calm down and leave the square circle, an out-of-control member grabbed him and threw him onto the mat.

Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff, def. Dan Moloney and Andy Wilde
The tandem of Jack the Elder and Bomber Dave Mastiff continued to build synergies as a team when they sparked Dan Moloney and Andy Wilde. At the climax of the tag team’s symphony of precision, Mastiff tossed Moloney onto the top lanyard and hit the Wu Tree. This caused Starz to headbutt and paved the way for the devastating Into the Void Bomber for another huge victory.

Emila Mackenzie, def. Man
Even though Emila Mackenzie received a brutal kick in the face from Amale in the final moments of their tough fight, she was able to escape her opponent and roll her for a very significant triumph!

Teoman def. Nathan Fraser Advances To NXT UK Heritage Cup Candidates Tournament # 1 Semi-Finals
In a tough quarterfinal match, which was held according to the Heritage Cup rules, Teoman faced Nathan Fraser one on one.

After Rohan Raja pushed his man out of the way and sacrificed himself by taking the brunt of Fraser’s leap over the ropes, Teoman got the upper hand and sent his opponent in with a terrific right to fend off the first fall in Round 2. After the bell saved Teoman in the 3rd round, Fraser threw lightning powers into cover to fend off his fall in the 4th round. Then, when Raja distracted Fraser as he climbed the top rope, the intervention caused Fraser to miss and paved the way for Teoman to hit the stunningly innovative Impact Flipping DDT to eventually defeat his opponent 2-1.

Having won, Teoman received the right to advance to the semifinals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Tournament, where he will face the winner of next week’s quarterfinal match between Sam Gradwell and Wolfgang Gallus.


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