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Official Steam for Chromebooks support could launch this month




by AP staff

Finally, it may almost be time to play Steam games on your Chromebook.

Steam support for Chrome OS devices is developing for several years. Codenamed “Borealis”, the system is intended to provide a fast, easy, and integrated gaming experience to Chromebooks. We are already Vulkan graphics library Unlock game features needed for Borealis in Crostini. Now with the arrival of the first system flags for the Borealis beta, we’ve uncovered another important piece of the puzzle.


This flag requires Chrome OS 98.0.4736.0. This version should reach Canary right now. It’s pretty far behind. Soft launch expected in Q2 or Q3. NS source code commit Disclosure of this information also shows that there will be both a stable channel and a beta channel for Borealis, separate from Chrome OS. Interested testers can opt for the beta to access more features at the expense of stability.


Also, Chrome OS Game compatibility reporting system using Proton. If you’re not familiar with Proton, here’s some magic-looking software from Valve that lets you run Windows games on Linux. wine based). As you might expect for an ambitious project, there are many potential issues that need to be addressed, so it’s good to see Google plan ahead to address them. NS Make a report boiling steam Trying to make sure Google has a dedicated quality assurance team Dedicated to testing Borealis. As the product launches, it should be easy for users to provide feedback directly to Google and Valve to make the Proton a better overall experience.


We’ll be keeping an eye on further moves for Borealis, so stay tuned for more information on Steam on Chromebooks in the coming weeks.

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