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Pokemon GO: Best moveset for Galarian Darmanitan




Galarian counterpart to standard Darmanitan, Galarian Darmanitan is a versatile ice type to have in Pokemon GO.

As an Iceman, not a Fire type, Galarian Darmanitan’s set of moves differs greatly from his counterpart. Nevertheless, the available moves he has can make him a great PvE candidate. Its limitations are shown in PvP, but not every Pokemon can perform a double duty in both forms of combat.

Regardless, Pokemon GO trainers who pick up Galarian Darumaku and evolve it into Darmanitan will want to optimize Pokemon’s set of moves to ensure it stays well put together in terms of combat damage.

Pokemon GO: Galarian Darmanitan’s best move

” alt=”Galarian Darmanitan as he originally appeared in Pokemon Sword & Shield (Image via Nintendo / The Pokemon Company)” width=”1280″ height=”720″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
Galarian Darmanitan as he originally appeared in Pokemon Sword & Shield (Image via Nintendo / The Pokemon Company)

Although Galarian Darmanitan is an ice-type pokemon, he retains at least one supply of his fire-type cousin along with some very solid Ice-type moves, and even a normal and combat move. This variety of moves gives Galarian Darmanitan little freedom in type matches, but mostly, Pokemon GO trainers will want to focus on his set of Ice type moves to get the Type Attack Bonus (STAB) damage themselves.

At the moment, Ice Fang and Avalanche are the best Fast Move / Charge Move combination available for Galarian Darmanitan. They both do well in damage, and Ice Fang is one of the better moves to produce energy with Powder Snow.

The Avalanche is one of the best moves of the Ice-type charge in the game (if not already the best). This combination makes Galarian Darmanitana a highly effective PvE gym striker, who can easily bring down Pokemon like dragons, flying, terrestrial and grass Pokemon.

For Pokemon GO trainers who want to pick up another Charge Move for Galarian Darmanitan, the main options are either Overheat or Superpower. Their proper tapping fire and fighting allow the Galarian Darmanitan to expand its ability to cope with other types of Pokemon that are Ice typing does not allow to cope with the advantages of the type.

It’s not a perfect Pokemon and it can’t hold up well in PvP, but if Pokemon GO trainers use the best set of Galarian Darmanitan moves in PvE, they should be in good shape. His high attack statistics allow him to quickly reduce the opponent’s HP Pokemon, even if his defense and HP statistics are nothing spectacular. Optimize Galarian Darmanitan’s move and it will serve you well.




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