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Pokemon GO: Mienfoo’s best moveset




Coaches who achieved rank 5 in Pokemon GO Battle League they have access to a free meeting with Mienfoo, so you could also go through an optimized set of moves for him.

Mienfoo was one of many Combat types introduced in Generation V. The trainers who caught this Pokemon had to be genuinely patient as it evolved into Mienshao at level 50.

In terms of Pokemon GO, Mienfoo is a decent option for a not fully developed Pokemon. 160 base Attack is at the higher end of the evolution of the first phase. With 98 Defense, it won’t suffer too many attacks. Mienfoo could be a good retention option if Niantic ever returns the Small Cup.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

What moves will work best on this combat-type Pokemon?

For attacks, Mienfoo is a combat-type specialist. Apart from Pound, he exclusively teaches combat moves. That’s why finding the right set of moves is easy for Mienfoo. Players only need to use the strongest moves and disconnect from any Villas or Flying Types.

Meinfo’s preferred quick move is Low Kick. It has less base power than a pound, but does more damage considering STAB. Even compared to other fast moves in the game, Low Kick is incredibly fast with 600 ms. Anyone who has fast fingers can get a lot of damage with this move, as well as recharge their energy quickly.

Meinfo’s pointless move is Focus Blast. Given his immense power, Meinfo coaches should teach this move and not think about it anymore. Low Kick charges 8.7 energies per second, which in Pokemon GO isn’t incredibly fast, but Meinfoo still has to use the full bar when it gets it. This move is the best way to take advantage of Meinfo’s 160 attacks.

Another choice to move the charge is between two very similar moves: Low Sweep and Brick Break. Both moves do the same amount of damage. Both moves have the same energy cost. Both moves are of the combat type, so both get a STAB.

The superior move is actually Brick Break in this case. At 1,600 ms, it’s a bit faster than Low Sweep, which means it has a higher DPS. Low Sweep lasts 1,900 ms. It’s still slower, but anyone who can get away in that time frame deserves applause anyway. Any move works, but Brick Break has a small advantage.