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Pokemon GO: Which attacks are best for Pikachu?




Whether it is good or not, many coaches will still try to use it Pikachu in Pokemon GO.

It’s hard to ignore the mascot of this favorite franchise. Pikachu is today an equally recognizable name as Mickey Mouse or Tom Brady, so of course they should make Ash’s partner Ketchum a strong Pokemon.

However, this is not the case because Pikachu is statistically mediocre, but that does not mean that trainers should not use Pokemon because of nostalgia.

The best set of movements for beloved electric pokemon

Just like in Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu becomes pretty strong when he learns Thunder Shock. In Pokemon GO, this move charges 9 energies per PvP usage. Since the move only takes a second, this translates to 9 EPS.

Thunder Shock also has the advantage of STAB. Pikachu’s second fast-moving option, Quick Attack, is a normal-type move that has a slightly higher damage effect but doesn’t consume as much energy.

Pikachu wore many hats, including this researcher's hat (Image via Niantic)
Pikachu wore many hats, including this researcher’s hat (Image via Niantic)

Surprisingly, a fast-moving trainer should definitely try to learn Pikachua Surf. This will require EliteTM as it is an inherited move from last Community Day, but it helps Pikachu in several matches and also serves as bait for the shield.

Of course, Pikachu already has Discharge, which has a low energy cost and can also be used for bait shields. Surfing, however, actually costs less energy and has the same basic power. It can also handle Ground floor types, which are Pikachu’s main weakness.

Using Surf will not completely undo all Earth-type Pokemon. Some of them either still receive neutral damage from Surf (Swampert) or are strong enough to withstand a few Surfs (Galarian Stunfisk).

There are other similar Pokemon Rhyperior and Golem, however, who will take four times the damage from the move. Pikachu can probably afford to stay in one of these Pokemon and recharge the Surf before inflicting too much damage on their own.

Pikachu will want to pair that move with Wild Charge, one of the best electric charge attacks in the game. With a base power of 90, it actually has the same output damage as the Thunderbolt. The Wild Charge requires only 45 energy to use, while the Thunderbolt needs 55.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul