WWE 205 Live results: Nov. 5, 2021


Roderick Strong def. Ru Feng

Don’t let Roderick Strong fool you with the hard-earned NXT Heavyweight Championship; The centerpiece of the Diamond Mine is still ready, willing and able to challenge and accept competitors in any weight class.

Strong, who faced Ru Feng on Friday after winning his last five matches, was pushed aside by an impressive rookie when Feng threw the title holder through the ring with a hip shot, then hit him with quick kicks and dropped him with a thunderous sensational kick. slap in two counts.

Strong, however, was surgical in his attack, carefully kicking Feng in the legs, hard punches to the chest and a flurry of fists before securing the victory with a furious bouncing knee.

Valentina Feroz def. Erica Yang through submission

Valentina Feroz – the queen of the updated 205 Live?

Her early run could certainly suggest this, as the energetic rookie took a complete victory over debuting Erika Yang and improved her record to 4-1 on the purple brand.

Yang, who hails from Shanghai, China, started rolling with a series of shoulder blocks that set Feroz to the floor, but Feroz smoothly transitioned from hand to hand to a unique submission grip. Jan struggled to reach for the ropes, but when Feroz turned to the toe again, Jan was soon left with no choice but to knock.

Gray-haired young veterans def. Jacket Time

They don’t call them Grizzly Young Veterans for nothing.

Zach Gibson and James Drake have capitalized on their vast experience (and the appearance of The Diamond Mine) against the newly formed Jacket Time to stay one step ahead of former NXT Heavyweight Champion Kushida and Ikemen Jiro.

Despite the defeat, Kushida and Jiro showed flashes of brilliance in their first tandem fight, especially when Jiro took off his jacket to make the much-needed Kushide dive tag and both athletes aligned their opponents with stereophonic baseball slides.

However, when Jiro was potentially about to finish off Drake, Malcolm Bevens and The Creed Brothers took the stage, allowing the Grizzled Young Veterans to take advantage of the breakdown by sending Jiro with the Ticket to Mayhem for 1-2-3.


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