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Reading Tarot Cards from your Heart, not your Eyes…



Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are better interpreted from the heart, rather than just books. Your readings will be more insightful, enjoyable, and deeper when you read the Tarot from the heart and trust your intuition.

You must have faith in your ability to read Tarot instinctively, and, to be completely honest, it is comforting to know that anyone can develop intuition if they so desire. One does not naturally possess intuition. Although you could have a little propensity for intuition, this does not exclude you from developing these qualities later in life just because you weren’t born with them.

As you move through life, you open yourself up to intuition. You do this by committing to your goals and setting your objectives.

How to read Tarot cards?

How to read tarot cards – It isn’t as difficult as it might seems! You may actually do your own readings for yourself or other people by understanding tarot cards in a variety of ways that make it simple to do so. Tarot decks come in a variety, so it’s crucial to connect with one particular set before using it.

You should look for a location or area where you feel at ease. In order to communicate with your spirit guides when you draw cards, meditate for a while. Through the use of your intuition and the general energy, they’ll aid in directing the reading. Your spirit guides will also work with you to reveal the more important messages at work during the reading, which will dictate the solutions to the problems.

Tips to making Tarot Card Reading simpler!

Make sure that you are focusing on the subject or question you wish to ask while shuffling the cards. Never forget that the cards have a narrative. Asking yes-or-no questions might not provide you all the information you need to be heard, so it’s best to use open-ended inquiries instead. Start drawing cards from the deck after you believe that you have given the cards all of your attention. Start by drawing one card per day if you’re just getting started to get acquainted with the cards. You can inquire as to the day’s overall vibe or what important information or vibe you need to follow. To learn the meaning of the cards, keep track of your daily tarot card readings in a diary.

A three-card tarot spread is the simplest way to get started reading cards. The first card is a representation of your origins and the past. The current scenario will be displayed on the second card. The third card will represent your future, your direction, and your destination. Reflecting and meditating on the visuals of the cards will help you to understand them the simplest way possible. In tarot, the reader’s relationship with the cards determines the style and atmosphere of the reading. Perfectionism is attained via practice. As you learn, draw cards for your loved ones, yourself, or your pals. Keep in mind that you are the one who interprets and reads the cards. You establish the guidelines and the mood for the reading.

All that matters is your relationship with the cards and your comprehension of them. The traditional interpretations serve as helpful suggestions, but you can write your own stories by interpreting the cards and by having a little gist. This is how you make reading tarot cards more enjoyable once you get into it. When you read from the heart rather than merely the book, you’ll get a lot more from your Tarot card readings.


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