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“Rejoice” – Kevin Owens has a message for the WWE Universe




Kevin Owens recently went on Twitter to share a message with the WWE universe.

Owens will compete in the Triple Threat Match against Big E and Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship at the inauguration Day 1 pay-per-view.

Last week at RAW, Owens defeated WWE champion Big E by disqualification when Rollins intervened and attacked Owens. In fact, this was what Owens had been planning all along as he struggled to attack Rollins during the match.

Now The Prize Fighter has tweeted that he will be the next WWE champion in 29 days. Owens called on fans to rejoice as he climbs to the top of the WWE Day 1.

In 29 days I will become @WWE Champion.REJOICE.

In 2016, Owens hosted the WWE Universal Championship. He has also held the NXT Championship, Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship on several occasions.

Kevin Owens and Big E will clash in a steel cage match at RAW next week

Over the past few weeks, Kevin Owens has beaten WWE champion Big E. The Powerhouse of Positivity finally had a chance to injure Owens in a high-stakes match, but Seth Rollins intervened. Big E got worse when Owens came out of the ring, and a frustrated Rollins hit Big E hard.

Next week, as RAW moves to Memphis, the WWE champion will have a chance to retaliate. During this week’s SmackDown, WWE announced that Big E will face Kevin Owens in a steel cage match at RAW.

With no way to escape, do you think Kevin Owens will fall on Big E just days before the match with a triple threat on the first day? Let us know in the comments section below.