3 benefits of fellowship Church

The term “fellowship” refers to the relationship we share with one another as Christians. The basis of this is the connection that we have to Jesus Christ. After we were converted to Christians three relationships were altered: Jesus became our Savior; God became our Father and the Churches in Decatur became our family. Also, Christians are now my sisters and brothers in Christ and are accepted as part of God’s family. God. I’d like to tell you three advantages of the fellowship.

Let’s begin with Acts 2. Peter had just finished his sermon and here’s the story: “Then those who gladly accepted his message were baptized, and on the next day, about the number of souls added. They continued to abide by the apostles’ teachings and fellowship, as well as in eating bread and in the recitation of prayers. Then , fear swept over all souls, and a myriad of manifestations and signs were witnessed by the apostles. All who believed in Jesus were joined together and shared all things in common selling their possessions and belongings, and shared them with everyone, according to required. Therefore, as they continued to worship daily in unity in the temple and breaking bread from home to house, they consumed their meals with joy and simplicity of spirit singing praises to God and being awed by all people. The Lord joined the church each day the people who were delivered” (vs. 41-47).

Benefit 1                                                      

Friendships are formed through fellowship. The first Churches in Lubbock was a tight band of people. They were all in one place and shared everything. I believe the reason the early church was able to have great connections was due to their dedication to Jesus and each other.

Jesus spoke of friendship in this way: “I no longer call you servants because servants don’t have any idea of the master’s business. Instead, I’ve called you my friends, because everything I learned from my father, I have communicated to the people around me” (John 15:15)

If you are looking to make strong friendships with your church, you must become involved in activities in the church. It is impossible for good relationships to develop when you’re doing nothing but “fellowshipping” with others Christians. Friendships are formed through fellowship however it requires time and energy as well as effort.

Benefit 2

Fellowship builds unity. It is the church’s responsibility to be one. Unity is everything being in common and sharing the identical mind. Paul recorded in Ephesians 4:4 that “Make each effort possible to maintain oneness in Christ by the Spirit by the bonds that is harmony” (vs. 3.). If we believe that the Lord is concerned about his church’s unity then surely we must be too. We are mandated to “keep” or “maintain” the unity of the church.

“Make all efforts” signifies “zealous,” it suggests that we do not let anything hinder us from working to preserve that the communion of our church is secure. It is a reference to an ecstatic zeal that requires the constant attention of all. “Keep” is a reference to “to protect.” Note that it doesn’t say “create.” We are unable to create unity in the church. We can’t fake unity. We are only able to protect or safeguard the unity that we already have. Paul refers to it as “the Unity from the Spirit.” This expression is a reminder that “the unity and agreement, or that is the basis of common understanding” in churches isn’t the result from our attempts to achieve unity. This unity and common ground is the result of being created inside us through God’s Spirit that is the Spirit of God. The fellowship of believers builds unity, just as it was the case during the first church, and it is still doing so.

Benefit 3

Fellowship is the key to God’s kingdom. Note the last sentence of our passage from Acts chapter 2: “And the Lord added to the church each day the people who were kept” (Acts 2:47). Our relationship, our fellowship that we share with one another as well as our relationship with Jesus is a testimony in the eyes of all people. Early Christians were dedicated to Jesus and one another , and the world was aware of the evidence. When Christians regularly gather in worship of God and to fellowship with each other, we’re an example in the eyes of the entire world. Jesus stated: “By this everyone will be aware the fact that you’re my followers in the event that you are a loving community” (John 13:35). We are supposed to be a loving people. God and also love our fellow human beings.

Acts 2:42 says, “They were … committed towards the church.” The first Christians were committed to fellowship. What happened next? One of the most significant outcomes of their dedication to the group was an awareness of their mission and the delight of watching people discover Jesus. If we’re all dedicated in the church, we’ve got the solid foundation to do the things God would like to accomplish, not only in us but also through us.


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