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Ron Johnson says he might have been concerned for safety had Capitol rioters been BLM and Antifa



Ron Johnson says he might have been concerned for safety had Capitol rioters been BLM and Antifa


“Even though those thousands of people marching on the Capitol tried to pressure people like me to vote the way they wanted them to vote, I knew that those people who love this country, who truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law and therefore I didn’t care, “Johnson said during the radio show.”The Joe Pags show“I was arguing about his recent comments minimizing the danger that day and has said he “never felt really threatened.”

“Now, if the tables had turned (Joe, that could have problems), if the tables had turned and President Trump had won the election and it was tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, he would have been a little worried, “Johnson continued.

CNN has contacted Johnson’s office for comment.

Some conservatives have tried to establish a false equivalence between the events of January 6 and the riots that took place over the summer following several black American police killers. Although there were incidents of violence and destruction of property last summer, the January riots in the Capitol resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol police officer, and more than 100 more police officers were injured.
He The Justice Department is preparing some of the first convictions for the people who were later indicted in the investigation, which has been called one of the “largest in American history,” with more than 400 possible defendants.
Johnson has repeatedly made incendiary comments that poorly characterize the riots. Last month, Johnson said so he did not believe that what had happened in the Capitol was an “armed insurrection,“Despite court records indicating supporters of then – President Donald Trump he brought dozens of weapons to Washington on the day of the insurrection, according to the Department of Justice.
Later in February, Johnson advanced the conspiracy theory according to which there had been professional provocateurs within the Capitol mafia. The FBI has said there is no evidence that Antifa or any other group of left-wing instigators were part of the Jan. 6 crowd (let alone incited violence) and that nearly a dozen Trump supporters went to accuse in connection with the insurrection. they have said that these groups did not participate in the attack. Many of the people arrested identify with far-right groups like Oath Keepers, not with any group on the far left.