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Rosalind Brewer officially takes the helm at Walgreens, becoming the only Black woman Fortune 500 CEO




Xerox former chief executive Ursula Burns He became the first in 2007, before the shelter in 2017. From Bed, Bath and beyond chief executive Winston Mary’s 2019 of about six months: and in the sight of the battle had been fought for so long, in the meantime, were replaced Target by the former chief merchandising officer Mark Tritton.
Today, there are only; four the CEOs of Fortune 500 total African Americans actively serving, including Brewer. William Frazier is served when there is no head of Merck since 2011, and Lowe’s chief executive Cref CEO Roger Cicero, Carl Ellison, and TIAA Jr. who is stepping down. JPMorgan Chase executive Duckett Thasunda BrownA Black woman, who is set to replace Tacitus on May I.
Duckett and Brewer are in trouble 3.3% Black leaders and senior executive of a sudden, he worked in corporate America, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data.

Black woman a game-changer for a new CEO and the leaders of the corporate world in black and Michael C. hyte, President and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council is a non-profit works to increase the number of black-100 and suite boardroom executives.

“All diversity on the top deals on diversity in the corporation ‘hyte told CNN Business over the weekend.” There is a tendency among senior executives who like to groom CEOs sends an intentional efforts seed with succession plans more diverse candidates with proven track records. “

Rosalind brewer who is?

Brewer, 59, is the youngest of five children born to General Motors workers device George Payne, the gate Detroit in that country in 1962 to the Motor City, before grows Spelman College – one of the nation’s top Historically Black colleges and universities – in Atlanta, where she earned a BS chemical operations in 1984.
The married mother of two attended the advanced management program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Henry Wharton School of additional earned and business degrees from the University School of Business and Stanford Law School’s Booth Directors’ College.
She spent 22 years working for a manufacturer of paper Kim Clark (KMB) When I began the investigation undertaken by the technician and later in an administrative role. Kim developed a strong understanding of the consumer packaged goods, and eventually became president of the company’s global business and manufacturing.
In 2006, Brewer Kim Clark left, and he had a vice chairman Gettington (WMT)Where, moreover, the course of six years, they went up the corporate ladder. Then, when the name of the President of the Walmart US East business unit, leading to more than $ 100 billion in annual revenue and a team guilty.

Sam’s Club history maker

Brewer in 2012, with the history of these things in the name of the CEO of Sam’s ClubWhich is owned by Walmart, becoming the first woman and the first African American ever to lead the company only membership warehouse.

“I have also been struck by Roz on the server, with leadership, with the force punished them:” President and CEO Mike Duke of Walmart, a former Brewer said at the time. “The consumer will always do it, let’s talk about it and focus on how they can better support their needs. … She has strong strategic, analytical and operational skills, and all success and great”.

STARBUCKS group president and chief officer of the former Rosalind & quot;  Roz & quot;  BREWER talking to shareholders, Annual Seattle on March 20, 2019.

STARBUCKS ” glass ceiling killer ‘

In 2017, Starbucks has become a group vice president and tapped BREWER Chief operating officer, Leading to the company’s global marketing, technology, supply chain product innovation and development organization supply functions. During her tenure in 2018-a huge global retail coffeemaker first entered the room and, through a footprint global coffee Alliance br Should he deal with global issues the reach of the packaged consumer goods to abuse their own.
Brewer and helped to maximize STARBUCKS Online retail his will, and bring hither the experiences, as well as the army, and marketing efforts. The company expanded its delivery service in China and other Asian countries in the east were opened, and 2018 Global supply 30,000th In March 2019.
STARBUCKS hard, but in digital pivot handy in 2020, when 19 Covid forced to Lorem hundred stores and a shift to a curbside pickup war.

Champion of diversity

Throughout her life, it was effected by means of Brewer unapologetic champion diversity in the corporate world. In 2015 she Took heat Online from Calpumio I had an interview with the BBC looks at the story of Harlow anesthetic when she felt totally included white developer Sam’s Club sent to the group to meet with her.

She is subject to the developer’s commitment to diversity, no bond, that he called one of the company’s leaders to address the issue.

“All we do now, and knock your partners; “Brewer said in an interview.” You have to talk to talk about. I will try to diameter it. “

I took her heart with bow, were revealed at a conference of the discourse. Brewer’s President and CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon defended comments also suggested that it would only racist.

“Roz is simply trying to reiterate that we believe that business is more diverse and inclusive work teams,” McMillon wrote in a statement. “Every system that is important to her, and I support. “

Carl Sahni Walgreens pharmacist supplies, Pfizer, BioNTech COVID-vaccine is 19 to 21 December New Community House in Manhattan, New York City in 2020.

What is Walgreens?

In addition to overseeing Walgreens, vaccine rollout, who are already established in his gear, Brewer expects that it will drive the company’s expansion into the digital retail.

“Of course it is specifically one where you should bring some area of ​​expertise and institutional knowledge may be useful,” said Michael Cherny, the technology, distribution and health care analyst at Bank of America.

Brewer’s CEO Steffano Pessina Walgreens result has had to focus on the high praise and competition experience e-commerce and replacing it with a grim appointment was announced in January.

“Her relentless focus on the customer, talent development, operational rigor and strong technical experience in digital transformation that is exactly [Walgreens] there must be a company enters its next chapter, “said Pessina.