Scandinavian Housing You Might Want To Take Look When You Visit Copenhagen

Mesmerizing canals, happy cyclists, and stunning museums are some of the sights and sounds donning the beautiful city of Copenhagen. This Danish capital is home to over 800,000 locals and receives around 3 million visitors each. This should not come as a surprise as Copenhagen is famous for its parks, waterways, and bicycle paths.

It’s easy to understand why the city has consistently ranked as one of the happiest in the world. The Danish cuisine and hippie commute is a contender for the bucket list.

Copenhagen’s history is proudly depicted in its streets, buildings, and museums. The 17th-century Nyhavn’s striking waterfront is decked with brightly colored townhouses which provide short-term and long-term accommodation to visitors.

Fancy a trip to the happiest city in the world? Here are our top 5 recommended furnished rentals in Copenhagen if you are looking for a place to stay.

Alliancevej 24

Located in Sydhavnen, the Alliance Ej24 apartment is an exquisite blend of class and comfort. This 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom fully furnished apartment is designed for comfort and peace.

It is situated on the south end of the Copenhagen harbor, giving visitors easy access to the Sydhavnstippen.

Sydhavnstippen is an open green space where you can soak up nature and interact with Alpacas. Getting to Sydhavnstippen is easy as trains and buses serve the route.

The Alliance Vej 24 features exquisite furniture, premium speakers, a smart TV, and a fully equipped kitchen.

A large glass window opening out to the balcony lightens up the space and gives beautiful views of the outside world. The balcony opens up to a stunning view of the harbor which lies a few feet away.

The outside world is as stunning as the interior of this premium apartment. You can pop into one of the harbor side restaurants for a taste of the Danish cuisine, or enjoy a ride on the waterways.

The Townhouse – Into This Place

Etched in a building built in the 18th century, The Townhouse – Into This Place is a top-of-the-line holiday home with 4 bedrooms. It sits within a mile of David’s Collection, The Round’s Tower, and Rosenborg’s Castle.

Besides the 4 bedrooms, this facility boasts a balcony, free Wi-Fi, 1 bath, a fully equipped kitchen, a smart TV, and a washing machine. You also get a terrace where you can host your visitors.

Living in The Townhouse means you will have access to several exciting places such as The Church of Our Savior, Torvehallerne, and The Hirschsprung Collection.


The Nyhavn apartment is located among the colorful buildings on the Nyhavn waterfront. It’s a spacious 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom apartment packed with amazing features such as free Wi-Fi, a smart TV, dishwasher, washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen.

This fully furnished white-themed facility is located less than a kilometer from David’s Collection, a mile from Rosenborg’s Castle and Church of Our Saviour, and a 15-minute walk from The Round Tower.

Some of the places you can visit during your stay include The Danish Royal Library, Torvehallerne, and The National Museum of Denmark.

Getting around is easy – the metro and bus serve as public transport and the airport is less than 10km away.

Chr. Harbor

If you love the river, then you will fall in love with Chr. Harbor. This lovely 1-bedroomed penthouse is situated along the canal in Hovedstaden. It has a single bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher, and other smart technology to make your stay pleasant.

Chr. Harbor boasts fantastic views over Christiania and the city roofs making it perfect for writers looking for a creative spark or just anyone who would want to get lost in their thoughts.

Once you’ve had enough of the indoors, you can visit the Opera situated a few meters away. Several cafes and restaurants dot the harbor so there is plenty to gouge on.

Nyrenoveret Kælderlejlighed I Klassisk Dansk Villa

If you are looking for a bit of extra space and privacy this 646-square feet condo is the perfect place for you. It features a recently renovated basement, 2 bedrooms, and 1 full bathroom. This facility also has a garden and a terrace.

Visitors also get access to the internet, a TV, and heating. The garden is open for use if the weather allows it. Additionally, you will get your private entrance, kitchen, and bathroom facility.

The villa is situated near several stores so shopping should be a breeze. Getting to the metro and bus service should take 12 and 8 minutes respectively.

A little sacrifice of convenience for comfort and peace is worth it.

Come Feel the Happiness in Copenhagen

There is enough happiness to go around in this majestic city. Even so, we highly recommend you make your trip knowing your accommodation needs have been well catered to. The five accommodation facilities we’ve highlighted in this guide offer an excellent place to start your search.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Copenhagen.

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