Secret of Gold Vein Kratom & Why You Must Try It

Gold vein kratom is not a separate tree. Other veins like red, white, and green signify the stage at which kratom leaves are harvested. Gold vein neither signifies this. So, what exactly is a gold vein? Does it contain gold? Why is it so precious?

About gold vein

The name sounds sophisticated, right? Gold is a precious metal and everybody loves it. So, no wonder, gold vein kratom has so many takers!

But this has nothing to do with the precious metal gold.

In fact, the gold vein is not a special vein of kratom.

It is rather a special blend of kratom strains.

Vendors, thanks to their creativity, have mixed two or more strains to produce a “hybrid” strain and named them gold vein.

Today, products like Gold Vein Kratom Powder are selling like hotcakes. People have widely accepted the blend of strains.

Each gold strain is different.

It depends on the vendor.

  • Some vendors mix red and white strains.
  • Some mix green and white.
  • Others may mix all the three – white, red, and green.
  • While a few others may mix red and green.

The ratio can be different too.

Some vendors use the strains in an equal ratio in the blend, while others may use it as 1:2 of red and white, respectively, or 2:1 of red and white, respectively.

So, when you buy gold kratom powder from two different vendors you might see a slight difference in the powder’s color, taste, and texture. This is because of the differences in the use of strains.

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