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Seeing Good Ol’ America through the Bus Window



Oh, thank god those days of frantically rushing from one tourist spot to another are over! One could hardly call it a vacation, what with packing and repacking and being constantly on the move. It is now time for true leisure and relaxation, and how does one do that – via bus tours!

Astounding Ashland

Located on the banks of the Ohio River in Boyd County, Kentucky, the gorgeous city of Ashland is a true diversion from the seething metropolis. It is a place known for its tranquil pace of life and openness to visitors.

And there is so much to do and see here – from museums to the great outdoors to captivating cultural events and more! You’d be hard-pressed to decide what to do and what to leave, and more and more tourists on bus trips in Ashland, KY, are adding more days to their itineraries so that they can enjoy this beauteous city in an unhurried manner.

In and Around

While there is a lot to do in Ashland itself, there is an equal amount to do near it as well. For example, you can appreciate the majestic natural beauty of the Wayne National Forest by taking a one-day trip.

Lake Vesuvius is a 143-acre lake and its surrounding Lake Vesuvius Recreational Area is supremely gorgeous. Visitors spend hours canoeing or boating on the lake waters, and some try their luck at fishing. If you prefer to get some exercise, you can go hiking or take a refreshing swim.

If you are a horse-lover, another place for outdoor fun for you is the Black Horse Farm. You can ride the horses and once done, try the scrumptious food served here while admiring the beauteous views from the farm. Not just that, you can take home some farm-fresh produce too!

Can bus tours in Kentucky be complete without a visit to the Red Gate Farm and Vineyard?

Thought not!

Ensconced within the foothills of the mighty Appalachians, this place is a one-stop-shop of activities for visitors, who can cycle, swim, or paddle in peace here. Its riverfront location is perfect for those looking to escape into nature.

If all this action has wrung you out, how about taking a break with some cerebral exercise?

Plan a visit to the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center. It houses both permanent and rotating exhibits. Some famous ones are ‘Ashland Goes to War’, ‘Vintage Clothing’, ‘River Expedition’ and ‘A Tree House of My Own’. Then there are others like the ones on the Traipsin Woman and the Jean Thomas one.

If you want, you can pick up some souvenirs from the gift shop here to take home.

This is just a tiny peak at the many, many wonders awaiting you in Ashland. When searching for ‘bus trips near me, do remember this exciting city and plan a visit here at the soonest. As it has something for people of all ages, you can plan a family trip and create many warm memories here.


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