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She Grew Up In Poverty, He Grew Up Upper Class, And They’re Pointing Out How It Affects Their Relationship



“When I eat a meal, I always finish my plate because they told me it was a waste if I didn’t. My husband will eat until he’s full.”

Learning to live together can be a stumbling block for many couples, and the same can be said for married couple Michaela and Alex. However, unlike learning that both are used to sleeping on the same side of the bed or one person snores, these two quickly noticed that their upbringing in different economic classes generated habits that the other was not familiar with.

You see, Michaela experienced homelessness in her childhood and early adulthood, as well as food insecurity. Alex, on the other hand, grew up in the upper class, and the idiosyncrasies that each partner developed due to these differences can sometimes attract attention.

In the first video, Michaela shared that, “When I eat a meal I always finish my plate because I was not allowed to get up from the table to finish my plate and they told me it was a waste if I did not. My husband will eat until he is full like a normal human. “.

“I keep all my receipts in case there is a problem with something I bought and I have to return it,” he continued. “Alex doesn’t keep receipts because if there is a problem with what he bought, he will just buy another.”

“I have a collection of jars in case I can reuse them. They taught me never to throw anything away,” he said. “And Alex will throw away or recycle things when he’s done.”

Other notable differences include Michaela opting for the store brand over the branded products; Alex has never bought a car, phone, or laptop himself, while Michaela has had to personally purchase all of her electronic devices; and Michaela’s childhood dog was a pooch, while Alex’s was a purebred poodle.

For the third video, Alex took the reins to highlight some of the differences she has noticed, including, “Michaela saves everything from all the takeout restaurants we’ve ordered,” she said. “She also keeps all of our gift bags, which is great for holidays, birthdays, gifts, makes it so much easier.”

“Every time I leave a room and leave the light switch on, she turns it off, even if I go back,” he continued. “[And] I like to finish all our leftovers, [but] Michaela won’t finish the last of anything in the fridge. “

“Everyone has differences in the way they grew up, but if you can discover the big things, the little things will resolve themselves,” Alex concluded.

In considering why it was important to share this inside look at her home life, Michaela told BuzzFeed, “These things aren’t discussed much, and I think a lot of people don’t even realize how their socioeconomic status growing up shapes their lives. personal habits. an adult. “

In the comment section of their videos, the couple have noticed that viewers mention that their relationships and marriages end due to the inability to reconcile their differences. This is something Alex and Michaela can relate to. Alex, in particular, admits to having previously been frustrated with Michaela’s habit of saving leftovers.

This level of communication, they believe, is key. “There is a fight, but the severity of that fight depends on the people involved,” Michaela said. “At the beginning we had little disagreements about different habits and we got angry with each other. But now, we have found our rhythm and we have made changes in the habits or we have decided that some were so small that they did not bother us.”

After watching their series, many have left anecdotes about differences in their own personal relationships that they noticed, but had not considered a deeper meaning before watching the couple’s series.

And now I’m curious. If you are comfortable sharing, what different habits have you noticed between yourself and your loved ones, based on how you grew up in different classes? Let us know in the comments.

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