Slots Lingo for Players 

Slots have always had an amount of talk and slang surrounding it. Starting from the fruit machines back in the day, which were called that because of the fruit symbols on the reels, going to the modern slots which have a whole collection of phrases and names to go with. Slots lingo can be quite tricky to keep up with, that’s why we have created this guide which will inform you on all you need to know to understand UK online casino slots like Raging Rhino Megaways today! 

Fruit Machine A term coined by the British people upon the arrival of first slot machines in the UK. They had fruit symbols on their reels
Gamble A feature commonly found in today’s slots. It offers you a 50/50 chance to double your winnings, or lose them altogether if guessed wrong. Some games will allow you to further gamble for a 2x, 4x or 8x times increase of your win
Hit and Run Refers to a player that plays a slot at max credit bet for only a few spins, moving on to another machine if it doesn’t payout any credits
Hit Frequency A parameter notifying of how often a slot pays out on average. The lower the number the better, e.g. a Hit frequency = 3 means the slot will pay out in 1 out of 3 spins on average
Cold Slot A slot that pays out rarely, but might pay out in large sums
Hot Slot The opposite of Cold Slot. One that pays out frequently, but might pay out in lower amounts
Icons Another word for the symbols found on the reels
Instant winner A winner that has been paid out a jackpot in one, as opposed to paying out your prize in installments (which is a common practice with casinos). One that is paid out in instalments is called an Annuity Winner
Jackpot The highest prize that a slot machine can offer
Linked Progressive Jackpot A linked progressive jackpot or wide area progressive is two or more slot machines whose progressive jackpots are linked together. Progressive jackpot slots offer the biggest prizes out there, with such amounts like 10 million pounds paid out on a single win.
Loose Slot Same as a Hot Slot. A loose slot will pay out more than a tight/cold one
Multiplier A multiplier is a bonus feature where the payouts can be multiplied twice, four times or else on a spin.
Near Miss When you narrowly miss out on a winning combination when playing a slot
Nudge Slot A slot that allows you to move one or more reels after they’ve landed. This allows for more winning combinations
One Armed Bandit The one-armed bandit is a nickname for a slot machine that has been around since they were first introduced. The original machines had a mechanical “arm” which set the reels in motion. They were called bandits because of their tendency to take your money as fast as a bandit would


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