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T20 World Cup 2021: ICC gives clarity on Super 12 seeding 



The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently clarified the rules that will determine the destination of teams that complete the qualifying phase in the first two positions in their groups at T20 2021 World Cup.

Earlier, the top-ranked teams in the qualifying round took A1 and B1 places in the Super 12. But the ICC has now changed its decision. Teams will now receive the initial equivalent of the position at which they finish the qualifying round in their group.

“Teams that finish at the top of the standings in groups A and B will take positions A1 and B1 in the Super 12,” the ICC said in a statement. “Therefore, teams A2 and B2 will be occupied by the second-placed teams in each group. This is not done in the initial matches of group 1.”

For example, if Bangladesh finished second in the Group B points table, they would be placed in Group 1 during the Super 12. They would have gone to Group 2 earlier even if they had finished second in the qualifying round. The same applies to Sri Lanka.

“I feel that if we can beat PNG, we will be done” – Shakib Al Hasan on Bangladesh’s chances to advance to Super 12

The Bangladeshi star is versatile Shakib Al Hasan believes his team will increase their chances of making it to the Super 12 if they beat PNG in the last qualifying match.

After playing a match against Oman on Tuesday against Oman, Shakib reviewed the team’s performance so far at the World Cup and said:

“There’s still room for improvement in the wadding department,” he said. “If we can add another 15 runs in power play and 10 odd runs at the end, that can be done and I know we are capable of doing that.

“I feel that if we manage to beat PNG, we will pass and after that we can say what we want to do next, but first we have to qualify,” he added. “When we left the country, we dreamed of achieving something big at the World Cup, and we still stick to those dreams. Dreams can’t change from time to time.”

Bangladesh is currently in third place behind Oman and Scotland in the Group B points table and will face PNG on Thursday. Bangladesh will most likely finish in the top two if they win this match.

Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee


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