205 Live results: March 12, 2021: Grey takes down Daivari in edge-of-your-seat collision


Mansour and Kurt Stallion def. Bollywood boys

Despite winning a tough victory over The Bollywood Boyz, there was no applause, no hugs, no cheers, not even a handshake between Mansour and Kurt Stallion.

On the contrary, tensions persisted after Mansour’s singles win over Stallion last week, and Mansour seemed to add fuel to the fire during the pre-match interview when he essentially told his partner to stand in the corner and tag him only when needed. him.

Even though Mansour did fulfill his promise by refusing to tag the Stallion on several occasions, the Stallion tagged himself to headbut Samir and pin Sunil after Mansour laid him down.

After the call, Mansour 42-0 and the tough Texan looked down furiously before finally raising each other’s hands and exchanging a couple of holiday (and rough) chest slaps.

August Gray, def. Aria Daivari

Aria Daivari may have to admit that the 205 Live’s landscape has changed.

Although he and Tony Nese have touted their supremacy as the brand’s protagonists on numerous occasions, the Persian Prince has long been battling relatively newcomers like August Gray and Jake Atlas.

And while Daivari and Nese used nefarious tactics last week to announce their team victory over Gray and Atlas, The Life of the Party struck back at the veteran of the purple brand.

Daivari hoped the grapple would be in hand when he used the rope as a lever, but Gray knocked the Persian prince down with a roll and put his feet on the middle rope for a controversial victory.


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