The Best Beginner’s Guide to the Orange Sherbet Strain

A lot of strains have been discovered over the past few years. Each of these strains come in different flavors and colors as well as textures. Anyone can choose what hemp flower strain they want to use depending on their likes. The Orange Sherbet strain is one of the most popular.

The Orange Sherbet strain, which is made from three other hemp flower strains (Cherry Pie, Orange Cream, and Purple Urkle), is a good choice if you are the kind of person who loves hemp flower strains with the flavor of citrus.

If you have never used the Orange Sorbet strain, then this might be the perfect time to try it. We have provided this simple guide to help all beginners understand more about the Orange Sherbet strain. Dig in.

The Origin of the Orange Sherbet Strain

Everything, including the Orange Sherbet strain, has its origin. Usually, we are used to two hemp flower strains being mixed to form one better strain. But with the Orange Sorbet strain, things are a little different. 

This special hybrid is made up of three different strains.

  • Purple Urkle – This strain is known to have 16 percent CBD. It is believed to have the power to reduce any kind of stress and clear away negative thoughts.
  • Orange Cream – This strain is smooth and has a citrus flavor. It does not cause any kind of scratchy smoke irritation.
  • Cherry Pie – There is a balance between the sweetness and sourness of this strain. It is very captivating due to the fruit flavors it contains.

The Aroma 

The Orange Sorbet strain usually smells like forest grass mixed with the scent of oranges that are freshly peeled. This enticing combination is enough to make you eager to have some.

Visual Qualities of the Orange Sherbet Strain

This can be included among the most visually appealing strains ever known. It has brightly orange-colored pistils. Moreover, this weed with orange hairs, known as the Orange Sorbet strain, has its pistils surrounded by greenery that makes its appearance even more decorative and artistic.


You might think that because of its orange color as well as the scent, the Orange Sherbet strain actually tastes like an orange. Well, to be honest, this is not the case. The Orange Sorbet strain usually tastes more like an orange candy as well as having a powerful citrusy flavor. The user gets the best experience with these kinds of flavors. 

THC Content

Unlike other strains, where the THC levels are often high and sometimes overwhelming to the body, this particular strain has about 1 percent THC. This means that there will be no negative effects because the THC level is very minimal. 

The user gets a good balance of effects. They can relax and experience heightened energy at the same time. If you do not believe us, try out the Orange Sherbet strain right now.

Other Effects of the Orange Sherbet Strain

The Orange Sorbet strain is the best CBD hemp flower strain, especially for newbies. Its effects do not hit the body too quickly, allowing the user to experience relaxation. Always make sure to purchase real Orange Sherbet strain from reliable retailers like Cannaflower for the best effects. 

Here are other effects of this special strain.

  • Joy – For those people who need a little help to feel happy, then the Orange Sherbet strain is exactly what they need. Their stress is relieved.
  • Energy – A special strain like the Orange Sherbet strain gives the user the energy to continue being productive.


Now that you understand everything you need to know about the Orange Sorbet strain, the best thing you can do is to try it. You will surely get to enjoy all the positive effects that come with it.

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