The Best Content Marketing Types for Growing Your Online Business

The best strategy for generating leads is content marketing and as an SEO Agency in Dubai, we strongly agree with this statement. And it’s crucial to investigate the various forms of content marketing that we’ve chosen for this blog post if you actually want to outperform rivals.

What if there was a less expensive alternative to standard marketing strategies to make sure your clients are knowledgeable, interested, and prepared to move forward in your sales funnel? Fortunately, there is!

A content marketing plan uses the internet as a platform for creating material for your brand.

This method is recognized for being a long-term undertaking that can produce results for your organization for years to come, and according to recent data by CMI, it has been effective at generating engagement for 72% of marketers.

However, what exactly is content marketing, what kinds of content can your company produces, and how crucial is it to produce various forms of content marketing collateral throughout a single strategy?

What is the concept of Content Marketing?

You have certainly heard the term “content marketing” by this point enough to be aware of it.

What you believe to be content marketing, however, may not actually be it. To clarify what we’re talking about, it’s necessary to establish what forms of content marketing you can incorporate into your strategy before moving on.

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing relevant and helpful content with your audience, typically online, a bonus point is that good content coupled with a great SEO strategy is guaranteed to generate leads.

Blog entries, newsletters, white papers, social media posts, and many other types of content are examples of this. Your ability to make long-term decisions for your brand will be enhanced by your comprehension of various content forms.

The main reasons for content marketing are; 

  • To convey the knowledge of your company.
  • To Demonstrate how much your business cherishes its clients.

One of the best things about content marketing is how effective it can remain consistent with the messaging of your brand.

Because it fosters a long-term engagement with prospects and clients, the frequency of your posts is just as crucial as the caliber of the information you create.

People will be more likely to choose your brand when making purchases since your firm is willing to share expertise and is engaged in the success of its consumers, as evidenced by the material it generates.

What are the Top 10 Content Marketing Types?

With this foundational understanding of content marketing, you are now prepared to think about the most efficient content kinds your company will use. Which are:

  • Checklists
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Blog posts 
  • Videos
  • Using influencer marketing
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Case studies 
  • How to-s and tutorials 
  • Ebooks 


Customers enjoy free tools, which is what you provide for them after creating a checklist.

This kind of content marketing can be utilized to ensure that your clients are taking the proper measures to accomplish their objectives. They are excellent features to have on your website because of this. The same way an eBook does, a checklist is quick and easy to create and can produce leads.

Reviews and testimonials

Giving your customers a voice is another excellent approach to creating content for your brand.

Because of this, adding testimonials and reviews to your website is an inexpensive method to add more content. To prepare this type of material, simply consult with your clients.

Like with an infographic, there is no need to pay for copywriting or a designer to create a beautiful visual compilation of thoughts.

Blog posts

A key component of content marketing is blogging. They raise customer involvement and improve brand exposure, SEO companies in Dubai are aware that creating informative and captivating blogs is one of the best ways to retain clients.

When we examine how blogs operate, it becomes evident that they provide a platform that is so flexible that it can be used to post any type of content in the quickest and most convenient manner.

You can create a blog in a few minutes using tools like WordPress, which are ready to use right out of the box (and are completely free). The effectiveness of this low-cost method of brand promotion depends solely on the caliber of the material you produce.


Who doesn’t enjoy seeing brief videos with engaging subjects? The internet has never been the same since broadband connections became more widely used and the YouTube age took off.

That’s because, over the past few years, videos have become a greater and more dominant form of created material. Videos are challenging to make, but they deliver the best results. A lot of SEO companies in Dubai are using videos and good content to capture the attention of audiences. 

After all, at least 100 minutes a day are spent watching videos, and 48% of consumers use videos to express their interests. Today, if your business can produce quality video content, it will have a higher chance of converting and nurturing a lead than if it simply invests in written material.

Using influencers Marketing

Influencer marketing may be quite important for brands. Influencer marketing should therefore be at the top of your list if you want to ensure that your money is being used wisely.

Making ensuring your leads convert is easy by collaborating with influencers to create content that has everything to do with your business. This is so that your business can flourish since influencer marketing uses the personal trust that people have created for it.


Many complicated concepts that your company would wish to send across to its clients are just too difficult to do so in a single blog article.

You sometimes require the accompanying images in order to adequately convey your answers. This is where infographics are useful.

Infographics are visual representations of concepts. They typically give greater weight to bullet points and stats than to the lengthy content that you would typically find in blog entries. An infographic is a good method to convey a complicated concept to your audience without using a lot of words.


You are free to have fun while implementing your content marketing plan.

Memes are a terrific method to engage your audience with your message if they fit with your brand and your plan.

Memes operate so effectively and make up the majority of the internet because they are a quick way to express your goals. Having the ability to become viral comes as a bonus when ideas are presented in such a shareable manner. If your business can use memes in its marketing plan, it should.

Case studies

How about making sure prospective consumers stop by utilizing the knowledge your business currently possesses? You may get stuff like that from case studies.

Case studies give your firm the chance to demonstrate how its expertise has benefited other companies while also giving you the chance to ensure that potential prospects fully get what you do and how you do it. Case studies are a fantastic method to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

How-tos and tutorials

Successful strategies for boosting your online visibility and brand engagement include guides and how-tos. They are brief pieces in which your company educates clients on particular subjects. 

Say you have a lot of experience with conversions. Consider writing a brief guide to share some of what you discover. This tactic will undoubtedly enhance how your brand interacts with consumers.


Another option for creating information for the internet is to publish eBooks. They are longer documents that accomplish more than blog postings for a crucial factor. Customers must give your business information about themselves, like an email address and a name, in order to download an eBook.

With that knowledge in hand, your business can navigate the nurturing process and give customers more likely-to-engage content.

You should invest in this kind of content because popular eBooks can greatly increase interest in the goods and services offered by your business.

With smart strategies, your company can significantly reduce the cost of traditional advertising. Prism Digital offers SEO services in Dubai to ensure that our content reaches its readers naturally.

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