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The best moveset for Kyurem in Pokemon GO




Kyurem, the third legendary dragon from the Unova region, will take over as the Tier 5 Raid boss in Pokemon GO.

Just like in the main series, Kyurem is a very strong Pokemon with surprisingly great health indicators. It gets 245 stamina along with its 246 attack, which gives it both longevity and strength. It is certainly surpassed by other dragons in terms of the DPS, but Kyurem will still be a valuable advantage for the battle.

What moves will help Kyurem deal with the most opposing Pokemon?

Kyurem has a very tempting move to use as a quick move at Steel Wing. Like Dragon type and ice type, Kyurem must be afraid of fairy as well as stone type pokemon. Steel Wing can hit both for super effective.

This, however, does not really solve any problem. Steel Wing gives only 7 DPS in PvP, a result that would hardly compromise Regirock, Togekiss or similar Pokemon.

That’s why the election move here would actually be Dragon’s Breath. This attack can be used in half a second, which means that in the end it works 8 EPS and about 14 DPS, both of which surpass the Steel Wing.

Kyurem gains access to powerful attacks such as Blizzard and Draco Meteor (Picture via The Pokemon Company)
Kyurem gains access to powerful attacks such as Blizzard and Draco Meteor (Picture via The Pokemon Company)

For charge moves, Kyurem will have to launch Dragon Claw for that most important shield bait move. Since it costs only 35 energy, Kyurem will only need to hit 5 dragon breaths to fill the dragon’s claw. Dragon Claw also has enough damage to endanger most Pokemon opponents.

Both of Kyurem’s other charge moves (Draco Meteor and Blizzard) have their merits. Blizzard hits key threats for super effective damage, while Draco Meteor simply destroys everything.

Still, despite the power of Draco Meteor, Blizzard is actually a better running move because of the matches he gives Kyurem. With Blizzard, Kyurem can hit Togekiss, Trevenant, and even Groudon for super effective damage.

It also helps all Pokemon that Draco Meteor hits super efficiently (opposing dragons) lose to Blizzard anyway.

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