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Tony Khan reveals AEW’s biggest accomplishment of 2021




AEW has made many steps in the right direction in 2021. For Tony Khan, the return of the show to the road was the company’s greatest achievement of the year.

The wrestling business was hit hard by the pandemic, as companies were forced to work without a live audience.

Fans are an integral part of wrestling, and not having them has taken away the atmosphere and prevented companies from generating revenue from ticket sales.

As for the ranking of this Daily’s Place all-time show for AEW, I believe it could be third. Here I am in the process of reviewing numbers from older shows. 1st and 2nd place are Fight for the Fallen (July 15, 2019) and Double or Nothing (May 30, 2021). The next closest is to return home (1/1/20)

I’m talking to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Tony Khan spoke about the importance of AEW’s return to live shows across the US. The AEW president said it was one of the most important things for the company.

“Well, it’s been a great year for the company. I think one of the most important things we’ve done this year has been to get back on track. And I think it’s very appropriate that we’re on tour for about six months now. The first six months of 2021. We spent at Daily’s Place. And now as we approach the end of the year, and as we approach the end of this great series of Dynamites on TNT for more than two years in a row. ”

“Now that Dynamite is going on TBS and Rampage is staying on TNT. It’s very convenient that we’ll be in Jacksonville this week where we’ll have Dynamite live. It’s the last Dynamite ever on TNT and we’ll have our first ever Rampage show coming out of the Daily’s Place, ”Tony Khan said.

Tony Khan is excited about AEW’s return to Daily’s Place

Only 2 days until the last New Year’s smash #AEWDynamite ever on TNT; perfect for wrapping in our biggest @dailysplace TV audience also @JRsBBQback! There will be GREAT wrestling + SURREAL scenes when some of the biggest names in wrestling enter the Daily’s Place for the first time

Jacksonville, Florida, was home to AEW during the pandemic. Tony Khan and co. made the Daily’s Place his home for almost a year and a half while all AEW empty arena shows were broadcast from there. The final Dynamite on TNT will emanate from there, and Tony Khan is looking forward to it.

“And it’s going to be the last Rampage of the year, the last show of the year for AEW, and it should be a really fun night for fans and I think it’s still appropriate to end the year at Daily’s Place where we spent the whole first half of the year and most of last years.”

“The fans were so great, they supported me so much, and I’m really excited to be back at Daily’s Place, but I think it’s really important to give AEW fans back on the road,” Tony Khan said.

AEW added names like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole and Ruby Soho in their ranks in 2021.

The company has a strong ticket to the final Dynamite of the Year. It’s easy to understand why Tony Khan is so excited to present his product to fans on Wednesday night.

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