Williams and Jordan to battle in Loser Leaves NXT UK Match


NXT UK’s must-watch showcases the barbaric brawl between former Tag Teammates Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams in the NXT UK Loser Goes Match, the festival between Ilya Dragunov and Dave Mastiff, and more.

After working together for nearly three years, Jordan and Williams were on the verge of their long-awaited breakthrough as they finally earned themselves the chance to become champion and staged Pretty Deadly in their title fight.

However, Cinderella’s race was not supposed to take place as Williams suddenly stabbed Jordan in the back with one of the championship titles after becoming disgusted with his partner’s refusal to break the rules.

Williams also won a controversial victory over Jordan three weeks ago, and when Jordan demanded a rematch against his nemesis without disqualification, Assistant General Manager Sid Scala informed him that Williams would grant his request only with the caveat that they would fight in the Loser Leaves match NXT UK.


In addition, Ilya Dragunov and Dave Mastiff both want to blow off steam in a fight that is not for the faint of heart.

Both superstars have recently gone through rough times as Dragunov found it quite difficult to control his emotions after the title’s epic title clash with the British champion NXT WALTER and during a very personal war with outspoken Sam Gradwell. The Mastiff, meanwhile, continues to lose four matches.

In addition, Ben Fraser is set to join Noam Dar in the latest Supernova Sessions while Trent Seven will lose to Saxon Huxley.

Don’t miss the thrilling NXT UK episode airing Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and WWE all over the place!


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