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Ways to Look Handsome Even Without Hair




While flipping through the pages of your favorite journal, you might have come across several celebrities who absolutely rocked the bald shaved look. These actors or renowned personalities from different fields, set an example through their uniquely bald-shaved look. If you ever wanted to acquire a new look in the present day, shaving your head bald is an amazing option.

Let me clear the common misconception that prevails, you don’t need hair to look handsome or carry a charming appearance. Hair is just a complimentary factor that will not make a difference to your overall appearance if you know how to present yourself.

Why Should You Consider Shaving Your Head?

Let’s keep it simple, shaving your head entirely makes it easier. Throughout history, we can see several popular personalities with shaved heads who gained worldwide recognition. In other words, going bald does not go out of trend.

Besides trying a new look, people shave their heads for other contributing factors as well. Some of the two prominent reasons include:

Dealing With Hairloss

If you are dealing with severe hair loss issues or worse ailments, shaving your head can be a great solution. It is better to have a shaved head than unhealthy patches of hair, right?

Easier Maintenance

A clean shaved head is way easier to maintain than dense or long hair. It offers less hassle when washing or drying. However, you do need to maintain your shaved dome and take good care of it to avoid pattern less hair growth and an itchy scalp.

Top 5 Tips to Look Amazing Even Without Hair

As said earlier, having hair is not equivalent to looking handsome. It is just an additional ‘nice-to-have’ which may or may not enhance your appearance. Similarly, if you have shaved or are considering shaving your head, you can refer to the following tips that explain how you can look handsome even without hair.

Get Tanned

It is true that your skin tone does not affect your look much. However, when it comes to shaved heads, people with a darker skin tone tend to look uniquely good. No matter what color of skin you possess, you might always consider getting a tan.

Here, beyond the argument, the primary concern is whether your skin looks healthy or not. Darker skin tones look more appealing due to their high pigmentation which hides the blemishes better than light skin tones.

Moreover, if you shave your head after spending a notable number of years with hair, it is possible that the skin tone of the scalp will differ from the rest of your body. Hence, it is always better to get tanned once you shave your head.

Grow A Beard

Here, it is important to know that people who are dealing with hair loss have the potential to grow a nice and dense beard due to the high level of testosterone which flows throughout the body. Excess testosterone in your body can lead to the wearing out of the follicles on your head, causing hair fall.

Nonetheless, if you shave your head, you might want to give yourself a brand new look with a well-maintained beard. A thriving beard can frame your face and make you look stronger and more masculine.

Work Towards a Better Physique

Your overall physique surely has a contributing role to play in your appearance. If you want to look ravishing and confident with your new shaved look, you need to work out a bit and stay in shape.

A charismatic build often attracts positive attention and remarkable appreciation from the ones around you. Staying healthy and looking the same can make you appear outstanding.

Maintain Your Shaved Head

It is true that a bald shaved head needs less maintenance as compared to that of hair. You don’t need to bear the regular hassle of washing, brushing and drying your hair. On the other hand, you cannot abandon your freshly shaved head.

While shaving your hair off, you need to use an effective and reliable tool. In recent times, razors are being replaced by electric head shavers for obvious reasons. Also, you need to use shaving gel and an after shave lotion.

Use Sunscreen Lotions

Sunburn is common among people with shaved heads if there are no prior precautionary measures taken. Your bald head is exposed to unusual reddening and peeling off of your scalp’s skin.

Thus, you need to use SPF moisturizers or sunscreen lotions before you set out on a bright sunny day to avoid sunburns and heat strokes.

In conclusion, you can get a handsome look easily by shaving your head. You do not necessarily need to equate the attractiveness you own with the presence of hair on your scalp. If you are someone who prefers to look different, yet appealing, shaving your head can be a great option.

However, if you want to nurture the look, you need to shave it frequently to get rid of tiny strands of hair and avoid irregular hair growth patterns. Shave your head and nourish your beautiful dome to start your own style statement.

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