What Kills Your Car Battery Fast?

Whether looking for a battery for 2013 Hyundai Sonata or some other vehicle, you are likely looking because the battery is not lasting as long or runs out of juice frequently. There are many reasons a battery might drain quickly and often.

1. Leave Headlights On

One of the biggest reasons people deal with a dead battery is headlights or interior lights. It is too easy to forget to turn the headlights or interior lights off. If these items are left on overnight, the battery uses most of its juice trying to power them. To correct the issue, vehicle owners should be more vigilant about their actions when exiting their vehicles. Double-check your exterior and interior lights, making sure everything is off.

2. Extreme Temperature Change

Batteries, like the Honda Accord 2012 battery and others, do not perform well with extreme temperature fluctuations. Heat and cold can affect the batteries. However, the temperature fluctuations usually need to be significant. Many people experience power loss in the winter due to the frigid temperatures.

3. Defective Charging System or Alternator

Batteries provide power, but they must charge. The only time a battery can charge is when the car is running. If the charging system is not working correctly or you have a faulty alternator, you will likely experience frequently drained batteries. If you replaced your battery and still experience quick power drainage, you should take your car to an expert to assess the alternator and other systems.

4. Loose or Corroded Battery Connections

The battery requires adequate connections to retain and provide power. If the connections become corroded or loose, the battery cannot receive an adequate charge or produce efficient power. You should check the battery connections before doing anything else because loose connections are common.

5. Too Many Short Trips

Your vehicle battery charges when the engine is on. The alternator is the primary charging device. If you take several short trips, you may not give the alternator enough time to charge the battery. Too many short trips can mean your 2014 Nissan Altima battery drains quickly and often.

6. Old Battery

When batteries get old, they cannot maintain a charge like they once could. A typical battery can last three to four years, but the timeline may be shorter depending on your driving habits. Thankfully, replacing an old battery is a straightforward process, and most novice DIYers can handle the task.

If you experience frequent dead batteries or find yourself charging your battery every time you leave the house, it might be time to replace it. The most affordable way to replace a battery is to find a local auto parts store and pick up the battery for a DIY installation.

If you do not feel comfortable replacing your own battery, you can take it to some auto stores where a qualified team member can help. If you do not have an auto store near you that can help, you can take your vehicle to your local mechanic for help.

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