What To Consider While Installing Brick Pavers in Hazelton, PA?

If you’re in the market for new walkways to your home, consider what type of surface might be right for your needs. Your driveway is a prominent part of your property, and it should reflect the style and upkeep of the rest of your house. You may think a paved driveway is expensive to maintain and install, but there are relatively affordable options that you may find appealing.

How to choose the best brick pavers?

  • Brick pavers in Hazelton, PA are an excellent choice for many homeowners. They provide a great look and are easy to install. 
  • The estimation of cost for brick paving is based on the size of the patio, the design, and the accent colors that you would like in your project. Brick is available in reds, grays and browns. You may also want to consider extra colors, such as black or white.
  • The price can vary from $6 to $10 per square foot for labor costs only if you use a professional installer who has installed brick pavers before. On average, it will cost about $6.50 per square foot of a typical rectangular patio. 
  • The price will be higher if you have a larger area or if you plan to use intricate patterns or designs in your brick pavers. Prices can vary greatly depending on the type of stone you choose, the number of colors and the size of your patio.

How can I find a contractor?

Different thrift stores and online retailers offer different deals for customers who are looking for free brick pavers rather than paying full price. You may want to look into these options at first to see what kind of savings you can get by combining two available discounts.

Once you decide on the type of brick pavers you would like, you can begin to assess the number of bricks you will need. If you are planning to use them for your driveway, then it is important to know that different styles of brick pavers may require different types and amounts of cement. If a contractor has laid your current driveway and it is still in good condition, then he might be able to give you a good idea about how much cement is necessary for your new project.

A contractor should be able to help and educate you about what types of pavers should not be used on walkways. Brick, concrete and stone walkways have been proven to be dangerous when wet because there are gaps between the pieces.

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