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What you need to know about a cane sword



What you need to know about a cane sword

A cane sword has become a familiar tool nowadays. This is a multipurpose weapon or tool that you can use in various situations. Remember that high-quality sword canes have great designs that are awe-inspiring for many collectors. There are several reasons why this sword is popular with many people: you can hide the sword in a sheath, especially in the cane’s handle. 

You can also find some canes that don’t come with a sword, but you can use them for protection. Regardless of the type of a cane sword you intend to purchase, there are a couple of things you should know. This post discusses what you need to know about a cane sword.

Understanding a cane sword

The truth is that the main purpose of a cane sword is for fight and defense, though you can still use it as a fashion accessory. In such a case, when shopping for the right sword cane, you need to consider fashion. You can find many designs of sword canes on the market that are made with great materials. You can purchase them to complement your outfit to showcase your class. One of the cane swords you can decide to buy is the heavy-duty sword cane. With this sword cane, you can have a well-designed knife cane that can give you adequate support and its stylish design makes you distinguishable in a crowd. 

Some of the heavy-duty sword canes come with a handle that is made up of extra strong material. The shaft can have thick aluminum that is heat-treated to make sure that the cane is agile and straight. You can use this sword cane when walking on a rough road or icy road. Also, some of them have a sizable head to ensure that your grip is solid and the extra weight of the cane can prevent you from falling. You can also find some sword canes that are made up of 1055 carbon steel. These types of cane swords tend to make a formidable weapon for any kind of fight. The sword cane’s lightness of the sword cane can give you an extra tactical edge when it comes to reacting in life-threatening situations. 

Besides, the strapping features in sword canes, the pointed tip made up of a carbon fiber, and the sharpness of the blade make the sword canes effective for both cutting and thrusting. An aluminum sword cane is designed to look like most current fashionable sword canes. Most aluminum sword canes have a removable aluminum head to enhance the flexibility of use. The removable 6160 aluminum head helps when you want to customize your sword’s handle by using any of your engraved images you want.

Using a sword cane

It’s worth mentioning that a sword cane is usually a wooden cane that has a blade or sword inside it. In other words, it is a hidden blade because the sword can remain in the cane unless you take it out. Some sword canes have a push button that you can use to unlock your cane and open the blade.  

Because it’s a wooden cane, you can use a sword cane as your walking stick. Some people prefer walking with canes for health reasons. It’s a good idea to use a cane for walking because it gives better balance and enhances your posture. Even better, you can use a cane to walk longer distances. 

Aside from using it as a walking stick, a sword cane is also a good hiking stick. If you intend to go in hilly areas, you need to have a hiking stick. Therefore, if you have a sword cane, then you can use it as a walking stick to hike these hilly areas. 

Perhaps, one of the best self defense weapons you can find out there is this 2 in 1 cane sword weapon. Firstly, as explained earlier, it’s a wooden cane, but it can be lethal enough to handle any attacker. You can decide to swing it hard and hit the attacker. And, there is also a sword hidden inside it. If you desire to teach the attacker a great lesson, you can take out the blade and cause some serious injuries to them. This can make sure that you survive and your attacker may not want to attack you again.

Caring for your sword cane

You need to effectively care for your sword cane so that it can last for many years. You should remember that the method you intend to use to care for your sword cane can depend on the material that was utilized in making the three parts of the cane sword. These parts include the collar, handle, and shaft. Many sword canes are made of brass handles, but you can also find others that are made up of aluminum. Further, you also need to take care of the shaft. 

One of the things you must avoid in your sword cane is rusting. Therefore, you should do everything to prevent rust by chemical or abrasive cleaning. Also, make sure that you use caution to prevent damaging the sword blade’s edge. You can avoid rust from happening on the surface of the sword cane by avoiding touching the blade with your hands. Touching the blade with your hands can lead to accumulation of either oil or salt on the blade’s surface and this can lead them to turning into rust. Therefore, you need to ensure that you wipe your sword’s surface with a clean cloth, especially if you touch the surface with your hands. Also, you should not leave your cane sword out in the open space where it can get wet by sprinklers or rain.

If the cane sword’s blade is made of steel, then you should remember that it can do well with regular coatings of clear organic oil. You need to do this so that you can prevent accumulation of moisture on the steel blade’s surface of your sword cane. If this happens, then your blade can rust. Some experts recommend using choji which is a mineral oil that has small amounts of clove oil for fragrance. Besides this, you can also utilize gun oil or sowing oil because they are made of quality ingredients that are ideal when it comes to preventing rust on surfaces of steel materials. 

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