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What’s Different About The iPhone 14?



iPhone 14 was just launched by Apple on 7 October 2022, following iPhone 13 launched last year. But what is different about iPhone 14 รีวิวไอโฟน14

The iPhone 13 was released by Apple in 2021 as the follow-up to the very successful iPhone 12. It included upgraded back cameras, an extended battery capacity, an A15 Bionic Chipset, and other refinements, and Apple consumers loved that version. 

Now, the iPhone 14, which starts at the cost of $799 for the 128GB model, is likely going to be the most popular choice among buyers since it is more reasonably priced than the “Pro” variants and more fully equipped than the low-cost iPhone SE. However,  the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 are still available for purchase from Apple at the prices of $599 and $699, respectively.

You might think that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are almost identical in appearance and functionality, so is it worth buying the latest launch, or should you save money? 

If you’re trying to decide between the two, we hope this article will be useful in laying out the key changes that iPhone 14 is bringing in and why you should consider upgrading to the iPhone 14.

What’s Different About The iPhone 14?

Upgrades: If we compare iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14, they both have the same panel size, 5G connectivity, the same A15 Bionic chips, and a similar layout. However, the iPhone 14 still has several upgrades, including satellite-based Emergency SOS, an additional GPU core, the Photonic Processor, and Action Mode.

eSim: Moreover, this series will also be the first to exclude a physical SIM card slot from its US models, preferring instead for eSIM when activating connection with a wireless network. 

Satellite Communication: In addition, this will be the very first range of iPhones to incorporate satellite communication, which can be used to make emergency calls even when cellular coverage is unavailable.

GPU: iPhone 14 has a 5core gpu while 13 had 4core.  

 Photonic Engine: Even though the Ultra Wide lens did not get any upgrades, the low-light shooting capabilities of all of the iPhone 14 cameras have been improved because to the inclusion of Apple’s new Photonic Engine. The TrueDepth camera now has an aperture of 1.9. The Photonic Engine is a mix of hardware and software that increases low-light performance on the Ultra Wide camera by up to 2 times, on the TrueDepth camera by up to 2 times, and on the Wide camera by up to 2.5 times. The Photonic Engine is an expansion of the Deep Fusion engine that gives better colour and stunning detail while maintaining the delicate textures that were previously there.

Battery Life: The iPhone 14’s battery life has been increased, allowing it to last an extra hour compared to the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 Plus, which is bigger than the iPhone 14, has a battery life that is even longer than that of the iPhone 14. When watching videos, the Apple iPhone 14 has a battery life of up to 20 hours, while the Apple iPhone 14 Plus has a battery life of up to 26 hours.

Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of the iPhone 14 variants are 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Fast charging through Lightning is supported with a 20W charger or above, while MagSafe charging up to 15W is still supported. In addition to Wi-Fi 6, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus now features Bluetooth 5.3.

Some Closing Remarks

The improvements made to the iPhone 14 in comparison to the iPhone 13 are primarily incremental, with minor tweaks made to the device’s camera, video recording, battery life, and graphics processing unit (GPU). Other than the improved camera hardware, the addition of 6GB of RAM, Crash Detection, and Emergency SOS through satellite in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are more noteworthy upgrades for the safety-conscious. Having said that, it is likely that individuals upgrading from an earlier model of iPhone would benefit the most from the iPhone 14.

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over the iPhone 13 that would entice most users to upgrade. However, things may be different if a bigger screen size is more important to you, since the iPhone 13 range does not include a device with a screen size comparable to the iPhone 14 Plus.


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