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When does Trevor show up in GTA 5? 




Trevor is one of the main attractions in GTA 5, but players have to wait a while before it becomes available.

GTA 5 allows players to take control of three different characters. Trevor probably is the most popular, especially because of his crazy mischief and menacing demeanor. However, he is the last protagonist to be unlocked, as he appears after the first act is over.

Trevor joins the story only when he realizes that Michael is still alive. A few years earlier, the former had mistakenly believed that the latter had passed away. Trevor must now face his past before moving on to the present. Here’s what GTA 5 players need to know about his first appearance.

When and where does Trevor appear in GTA 5?

For better or worse, Trevor left a lasting impact in his debut performance. Some GTA 5 players couldn’t wait to finally take control. Before doing so, they must meet several requirements.

Players must first complete the Jewel Store job

The business of a gem shop involves a series of preparatory missions. Michael is back in the game because this is his first big robbery in a few years. GTA 5 players can use a quiet or loud approach with this mission.

Once completed, Michael will bring in over $ 1 million in crime proceeds. The robbery went almost smoothly. Unfortunately for Michael, he made one mistake. He used one of his famous phrases to a police officer, who broadcast it on national television.

Trevor appears in Mr. Philips

Mr. Philips is a very controversial GTA 5 mission, mainly because of the way Trevor handles the Lost MC. After hearing a newspaper report of a jewelry store robbery, Trevor recognizes Michael’s phrase. This puts him inside very bad mood, since he thought Michael was already dead.

Johnny Klebitz chooses the wrong time to confront Trevor because of his relationship with Ashley. In a fit of rage, Trevor decides to wipe out Lost MC. It is one of the greatest controversial points of discussion in the game.

GTA 5 players now have complete control over Trevor. When the mission is over, I can roam freely in Blaine County. Trevor provides a completely different perspective to the game. The actions of the players are more in line with his chaotic nature than most of the protagonists.

GTA 5 can’t play like Michael or Franklin until Friends Reunited

Keep in mind that when Trevor gets played in GTA 5, the other two will be locked. The story explains that they are hiding because they want to avoid attention from robbing jewelers. Meanwhile, Trevor is looking for where Michael is.

GTA 5 players will unlock Michael and Franklin again when they complete the following missions:

  • g. Philips
  • Nervous Ron
  • Crystal Maze
  • Friends Reunited

After Trevor arrives in Los Santos, he will finally reunite with Michael. The two characters meet in a Fame or Shame mission. Now GTA 5 players have access to all the main characters.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul