Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Company Provides The Best Web Design In Los Angeles

Why is web design important? Should one prioritize style and aesthetic, or should one be more focused on the technical and backend aspects? These are important questions, even more important for a business owner operating a website in the twenty-first century.

Digital marketing and web design is a competitive industry and every major city has hundreds of companies vying for the top spot. Literally the top spot, they all want that coveted position atop the first page of google for search queries that include important keywords and their city. For example, “Digital marketing agency Los Angeles” or, “Best web design Los Angeles”. If an agency can manage to lock down that first page ranking they are guaranteed a steady stream of website visitors and free leads. This method of acquiring leads is often far more effective than PPC campaigns and obviously more cost effective (it’s free!).

We wanted our web design questions answered by pros, people who have designed hundreds of high quality websites. Not just beautiful looking websites, but websites that were designed masterfully to rank for the keywords in their given industry. We decided to focus on California for our experiment, specifically Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of digital agencies. After doing some digging, we arrived at the conclusion that Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Company is providing the best web design in Los Angeles.

We interviewed Charles Grant, Co-Founder of Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency, about all things web design, digital marketing and SEO.  Here is what he had to say.

“There are two main considerations with every website we build, the brand’s identity and optimal SEO. In terms of identity, we want every aspect of design to feel true to the company’s established aesthetic. If we are dealing with a newer company, we want to help them determine what that aesthetic is going to be, something they can be proud of and implement across all of their channels (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, ect..). Next, we have SEO, this is where things get exciting! SEO is the key to getting traffic to your website and attracting potential customers. A website’s SEO is usually separated into two categories, technical and on-page. Technical is everything behind the scenes. This is stuff like title tags, H1 H2 and H3 headers, alt image tags, site maps and alot more. It sounds like gibberish if you aren’t familiar with it, but it is essentially a bunch of little elements that signal to search engines the industry you are in and the type of audience your content is made for. On-page SEO is the content on your website. Our web design strategy involves a lot of research. We begin by looking at your competition, we look at who is doing the best in your industry and in your area. When I say doing the best I mean who is showing up on the top page of google when people search the most relevant keywords in your industry. We analyze these websites, we see how they structure their pages, their drop down menus, their footers, everything! Then we analyze how they are writing their content. Are they featuring photos, videos, graphs, how long are the paragraphs on each page and how often are they using important keywords? We use this information as the foundation to building our clients websites. We take the information we have learned and then we uniquely reinterpret it through the lens of your brand. Web design and SEO is so crucial to the growth of a business, especially today when absolutely everything has moved online. I’m proud to say that after years of practice and really honing this skill, Bullfrog agency does offer the best web design in Los Angeles and maybe even the world!”

Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Company can be reached at [email protected] or https://bullfrogagency.com . They are based in Los Angeles at 11306 Moorpark St, Los Angeles, CA 91602 and proudly serve the entire United States. 

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