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Who is Hunter Haag from ‘The Bachelor’? Human Resource specialist used to work as Disney princess




With Clayton Echard at the helm, The Bachelor Season 26 is ready to welcome 31 beautiful ladies to the show. One of the suits is Hunter Haag, a human resources specialist from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Prior to her current job, the 28-year-old worked at Walt Disney World, as mentioned in her resume on the ABC website. In her job description, she was listed as an entertainer like various Disney princesses, primarily from Rapunzel Tangled.

The Hague biography reads:

“Hunter used to work at Walt Disney World as a princess who is 1) more competitive than you think and 2) absolutely makes sense when you meet her.”

Hunter Haag would love to have an Australian accent

Empathetic and compassionate clothes The Bachelor he is said to be a Roma believer and a great gourmand. She wants similar qualities in her life partner, including adventure, love and sports.

The Hague biography also mentions three amusing facts about her. it said:

“Hunter’s favorite book is A Walk to Remember. Hunter would love to be Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl. Hunter would like to have an Australian accent. ”

Looking at her Instagram profile, she loves to travel and adores dogs.

The Hague brings the snake to the premiere of the 26th season of ‘The Bachelor’

While Haag’s biography makes her a potential partner Echard, her entry during The Bachelor the prime minister might scare him a little.

According to the promo video, the human resources expert arrived with a real snake wrapped around his shoulder.

During The Hague’s introductory video, the voice said:

“We’ve seen the bad guys before, but he’s having a real snake this season.”

Echard looked confused, while some of the ladies in the video were seen making grimaces. Will bringing a snake prove to be a good move for The Hague or not? Only time will tell.

In addition to her, the remaining 30 suits include Kate, Kira, Mara, Cassidy, Melina, Jane, Sarah, Lindsey W., Sierra, Susie, Daria, Hailey, Salley, Shanae, Claire, Jill, Lindsay D., Ivana, Marlena, Rachel, Rianna, Serene, Tessa, Eliza, Gabby, Ency, Elizabeth, Teddy, Genevieve, and Samantha.

Hosted by Jesse Palmer Alumni, The Bachelor Season 26 will premiere on Monday, January 3, 2022 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on ABC.