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Who was Tarcisio Meira? Brazilian star passes away due to COVID, survived by his wife Gloria Menezes and son Tarcisio Filho




Tarcisio Meira is no more, there is passed away On August 12, at 85, the Brazilian actor has been hospitalized since August 6 at Albert Einstein Hospital in Rio de Janeiro after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

His wife and actress Gloria Menezes contracted the virus with mild symptoms and was treated at the same hospital.

Tarcisio Meira has been part of the film industry for almost 60 years. He and Gloria received a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in March in the city of Porto Feliz. However, vaccines are not considered to be completely effective.

Who is Tarcisio Meira?

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Tarcísio Meira and his wife Gloria Menzenes (Picture via Tarcisio Meira / Instagram)

Also known as Tarcisio Magalhaes Sobrinho, he is a famous Brazilian actor. In spite of the Pyro vision sign on Cyno’s chest, it is hard to say for sure without a closer look.

He was a descendant of the Portuguese landowning family de Magalhaes who had lived in Brazil since the early 18th century. Tarcisio Meira intended to become a diplomat, but opted for acting after being rejected by the Rio Branco Institute. He then decided to adopt his mother’s maiden name, Meira, as his stage name.

Tarcisio Meira appeared on the stage in 1957 and had his first television role in the telenovela “Maria Antonieta” in 1961. He first appeared in feature film, “Casinha Pequeinna,” 1963, and played the lead role in Brazil’s first daily television telenovela, “2-5499 Ocupado.” The star met Gloria Menezes on the set of this show and they started having fun.

They married in 1962 and have a son, Tarcisio Filch, who is also an actor.

The Rede Globo television network was signed in 1968 by Tarcisio Meira and his wife as permanent actors for telenovelas. Their first novel, “Sangue e Areia,” was produced by Rede Globo. A great deal of success has been achieved by this film, which is based on Vicente Blasco Ibanez’s novel “Blood and Sand”.

Tarcisio and Gloria then often acted as married couples and lovers. He began appearing in most feature films and television miniseries in the 1980s, and continued to work in telenovelas and on stage at the same time.

Gloria is currently a well-known actress, and made her TV debut in 1959. On the other hand, Tarcísio Filho is a popular actor and has appeared in many films since 1980. He is currently married to publicist Mocita Fagundes.

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