Why Are College Textbooks So Expensive?

College textbooks cost so much; lately, the price increase has no limit. Publishers are charging high because one reason is they can! Yes, that’s true. The edition updates have become so frequent, making it challenging to keep up with the trend. 

Textbooks are difficult to put together because of all the hard work that goes behind their research, constant update of information, the inclusion of extra insights to add more value, and of course, the publisher’s profits. The more a textbook is on, the pricier side, the greater the profit.  

One more fact that publishers face with the selling of textbooks is that the audience may be minimal, for example, around a hundred maybe, in comparison to Harry Potter or Twilight series, which are sold in millions, can go down in prices. 

Although the comparison is a little bit unfair but to be honest, the business has to be done as well. The textbook editions must be regularly updated for the knowledge to be passed on according to the current research, and every line has to be dissected at every level. The information cannot go wrong no matter what. 

Fiction novels don’t have to face that. Just the story idea is to be portrayed right.

Every year so many students suffer due to this. Textbook editions are still a norm, and students who cannot afford them usually opt to drop those courses, which is very unfortunate. Every student who makes it to college with sheer hard work, most of them on scholarships, etc., should have easy and full access to their complete syllabus.

How to Deal With a Hike in Textbook Prices

With the current inclination towards the internet world, opting for e-books online can be an excellent option for getting your courses at a reasonable price.

A lot of websites are offering free e-book downloads. Online availability of books is working towards cost control. Free college textbook for every student is a pure treat. 

Renting books from a college library or public library textbook is also a great way to access your courses without paying an arm and a leg.

Students following the same course can also chip in to buy a book that is otherwise very costly and group study, make notes, and photocopy important passages and pages. This can also reduce a lot of burdens.

Go for buying second-hand books and study materials. Approach your college seniors or faculty for such rent-outs; they are supportive and encourage this. 

Try to lay hands on podcasts and webinars on important topics associated with your courses which are usually accessible over the internet. Also, joining various groups on social media platforms and connecting with students taking similar courses might come in handy in finding resources for free study material or exchanging lower prices. 

Also, all the students globally should voice concerns over the high pricing of textbook materials and have technologies work towards making an accessible platform for course books and study material just like it’s made for fashion, movies, and shopping. 

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