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Why You Can Trust Holistic Depression Rehab Center



When you are fighting with mental challenges, alcoholism, substance abuse and many more sicknesses, the solution seems to be a lot of medication. However, at a holistic sanctuary you have the newest and ideal solution to the sickness with approved methods.

Our oceanfront rehab with eh luxuries spa treatment makes sure the personalized care for each of our clients and that give the mental and physical health a fresh start over.

This is the only listed mental rehab center that takes pride in introducing the efficient and powerful Pouyan method. Additionally, we truly believe in taking care of the mind, spirit and body so we focus on the person from inside out.

At the holistic depression center, we majorly use the Pouyan method to deal with depression, anxiety, drug addiction, substance abuse and more.

How to choose the mental care program at holistic sanctuary

Once you are into a holistic depression center you have three packages for treatment. You can choose the package deepening upon the pricing for silver, gold and platinum.

Silver package

  •         This Includes Up To 50 Hours of Private Holistic Session
  •         All Customized 1 On 1 Protocol Therapy Sessions. No groups
  •       Treatment Includes up to 3 Hours of individualized “holistic treatments” each day

Duration and cost: 4-weeks/$40K

Gold package

  •         This Includes Up To 150 Hours of Private Holistic Sessions
  •         All Customized 1 On 1 Protocol Therapy Sessions. No groups
  •         Treatment Includes up to 7-9 Hours of individualized “holistic treatments” each day

Duration and cost:  $50K PER 4 weeks

Platinum package

  •         Our Most Powerful Treatment Option: 90 days of the “Exclusive Platinum Package Pouyan Method”
  •         100% Guaranteed Exclusive Luxury Platinum Package Pouyan Method Offered only At The Holistic Sanctuary 
  •         100% Holistic & Total Customized, Private, One-on-One Protocol Therapy: Over 170 hours of one on one therapy per month

Duration and cost: 12-Weeks/Call for pricing

Along with that we also offer the Tulum healing center packages and that are as follow:

7 days RETREATS- $25K All Inclusive

  •         7 Day all inclusive7 Day all inclusive
  •         15 Hours 0f 1-1 Holistic Therapy
  •         Plant Medicine
  •         A 7 Star Luxury Accommodation
  •         Oceanfront Suits
  •         Organic Meals
  •         100% Holistic Approach
  •         Limited Space

10 days stem cell longevity program- $45k All Inclusive

  •         Pouyan Method
  •         Stem Cells
  •         Immune Booster Treatment
  •         Mitochondrial Repair
  •         50 Hours of 1-1 Therapies
  •         IV Drips
  •         Super foods
  •         Mind, Body and Soul Transformation

4-12 week program (call for prices)

  •         4 Weeks All Inclusive
  •         Pouyan Method
  •         4 Weeks Minimum Stay
  •         150 Hours of Holistic 1-1 Therapies
  •         Sacred Plant Medicine
  •         Most powerful Healing System
  •         Total Mind Body and Soul Healing
  •         100% Complete Transformation

Why is the Pouyan method safest and effective?

We are not only licensed mental rehab centers but also we make sure the patient gets personalized treatment. For the Pouyan method it focuses on the mind, body and spirit and that really brings in new life. 

From thinking to the mind repair, we make sure the client gets a fuller transformation inside out. With luxury spa, fitness training, super food intakes, and much more healthy activities the Pouyan method turns out to be the most result-oriented one.

It’s pretty common to face sleep issues and depression, however, patients from holistic sanctuary do not face or experience the PAWS at all and we make sure of that. By the end of the program each of our clients get the fresh start for life and through the powerful Pouyan method we pay heed to each of the parameters that count in behavioral repair.



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