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WWE SmackDown: 5 Potential finishes for Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax 




Sasha Banks defends its SmackDown women ‘s championship from Nia Jax tonight at SmackDown on the eve of this weekend WWE Fastlane event. In Fastlane, the Banks will team up with Bianca Belair to compete for the women’s team championship.

Nia Jax hopes to enter the WWE Fastlane as the new SmackDown women’s champion, which would guarantee her a match at WrestleMania, as Bianca Belair would challenge her after winning the Royal Rumble.

With Reginald and Shayna Baszler in her corner, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Irresistible Force has a distinct advantage in this match. But this is WWE, which means anything can happen. Bianca Belair will also be part of the combination, but it is not currently known whose side she is on, and Fastlane and WrestleMania are lurking.

Here are just five potential finals of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between Nia Jax and Sasha Banks, which will take place in tonight’s episode of the show for home players ahead of WWE Fastlane.

# 5. Nia Jax becomes the new WWE SmackDown women champion

Nia Jax is a former RAW women’s champion, but she hasn’t spent enough time on WWE’s SmackDown brand to ever be part of the women’s championship image. Jax is considered a RAW superstar on Monday night, but the fact that she is a women’s team champion means she is allowed to appear on both SmackDown and NXT and can challenge any available championship.

The women’s team champion managed to overcome the threat of both Banks and Belaira in the Elimination Chamber when two women wanted to take away the Tag-team championship. She could find her way past Banks again tonight.

Although Sasha Banks has proven her worth inside Hell in the Cell and even in Ironwoman matches, Jax is both bigger and stronger than the current Champion. If this match continues without any interference, you have to give preference to Jax.

It will be especially difficult for banks to conclude a bank statement about the former women’s champion. So it could be a match that boils down to distraction, interference, or one in which Nia Jax will come out of SmackDown for the first time as a female champion.

Posted March 19, 2021, 6:26 PM IST