Gallus to tangle with Teoman and Raja on NXT UK


In the all-star NXT UK edition, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang team up to face Theoman and Rohan Rajah, A-Kid ready to take on Wolfgang after a heated backstage brawl and more.

Ever since Wolfgang defeated Teoman in the NXT UK Heritage Cup’s # 1 Candidates Semifinals, Gallus, Teoman and his successor Rohan Raja have fought with each other.

Gallus was recently victorious as Mark Coffey defeated the Rajah in a fierce singles match in October.

Teoman, however, promised that his family would grow up soon, but what happens when he and the Raja are confronted by Galla’s powerful tandem?

Plus, A-Kid and Sam Gradwell are about to face off in a battle that won’t be for the faint of heart.


After months of crowing that he deserves more respect and demanding recognition as one of the “Founding Fathers of the NXT UK,” Gradwell will be looking for confirmation of his words to the former NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion.

A-Kid will be competing for the first time since challenging UK NXT champion Ilya Dragunov for the title, and although he lost that fight, he was more than ready to jump at the opportunity to silence The Thunderstorm when the two paths crossed. last week.

In addition, Alea James will take on Nina Samuels, who scolded her in the latest episode of The Nina Samuels Show, and Saxon Huxley will take on Kenny Williams after an odd backstage interaction last week.

Don’t miss the thrilling NXT UK episode airing Thursday at 3 ET / 8 GMT on Peacock in the US and WWE all over the world!


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