11 Tested and Proven Methods to Increase YouTube Views

The web is full of ways to increase your YouTube views. If they were effective, you would not be looking for more.

Did you have any idea? 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube each minute.

It’s pretty plenty! As content creators, we face challenges keeping our viewers’ attention and gaining YouTube views.

After studying the top YouTube channels and creators, we have discovered specific tools and techniques that, when utilized efficiently, assist you in gaining the most YouTube views.

So let’s get going!

How Can I increase views on YouTube?

YouTube is an engine for searching, similar to Google. Like Google! It is like Google. It relies on its algorithm to decide which videos meet the user’s needs more efficiently. YouTube defines its algorithm as a “search and discovery system.” You can also get free YouTube subscribers with SubPals.

This algorithm determines the type of videos that will be displayed:

  • On the home page
  • As suggested in the videos
  • In the results of a search
  • Under the Subscriptions tab, click Subscriptions.
  • Using notifications generated by viewers.

The question is, how can we break the algorithm? Well, here’s how.

Methods To Impress Algorithm to get YouTube Views.

1. Make your titles unique and rich in keywords.

We can’t stress enough the importance of using keywords in your title. This is what tells YT it is relevant for people’s search. However, don’t resort to keyword stuffing. The algorithm is intelligent enough to recognize it, and the viewers can discern the fake content!

Create your Title interesting, imaginative, and engaging. It will also encourage users to click on your video first and aids in getting YouTube views.

This title provides an excellent illustration to show how your Title should look. It should be clear and concise but precise about what a person will gain from it.

2. Create a thorough and keyword-rich description.

The video’s description will inform the search engines and viewers what your video’s topic is in greater detail and can increase YouTube views.

This will increase click-through rates and, consequently, the views since viewers know what to expect from your video.

Be sure to use your keywords only once or twice to prevent keyword spamming. Alternatively, you could make use of synonyms.

3. Don’t be opposed to Tags

YouTube video tags help to strengthen your message further. They inform YouTube what viewers are likely to see when they look at your video.

YouTube tags and an optimized title and description that are keyword-focused should emphasize the main content in your film.

Tags are hashtags that you include in your description. When the algorithm examines your text and then adds tags, they help the algorithm’s work considerably more straightforwardly.

Now that SEO hygiene has been taken care of, we can focus on the real issue: Your Content!

Many people believe that Content is the essential thing in the world. However, as with all things they’re not, Content matters!

If your content doesn’t resonate with your viewers, there is no way that ads or promotions can increase views. People will watch whatever they desire to. Your responsibility is to make sure they understand that your content is what they want! Here are some tips on how you can do this-

4. Create Content that entertains or informs or both

It’s a Turkish pastry recipe or an aerobics routine or bloopers of your favorite TV shows; your content should be relevant to the viewers.

It could take the form of education, understanding, sharing, or just entertaining! If your audience finds your content useful, they will likely return to see more.

5. Be attentive to your viewers.

You can live in the comments section.

Listen to your viewers’ comments. If you are attentive to your listeners, they’ll give you the exact information they want, and you can proceed to provide the item to them.

His readers’ comments and questions heavily influence entrepreneur and Digital Media Giant Gary Vee’s content. There’s no doubt about how well that has worked for him.

This man can be described as a content creation master! If you can make it work for GaryVee, it’s a significant enough plan.

6. Learn from your competition

Your competitors could give you the best route. Keep an eye on what’s doing well for your competition, and then try to replicate that approach on your Content.

Find out what content they lack and what their customers are seeking. Then, they can create content that addresses their needs.

Your ideal customer will come directly to you, which is why you can get views through YouTube.

7. Invite Guest Vloggers to be Vloggers

Guest Vlogging is an excellent method to reach an audience that isn’t there already and get additional YouTube views.

Additionally, it adds freshness to your channel and Content.

It’s fun!

For instance, Digital marketer and author Jordan Platten frequently makes videos featuring influential people: For sure, that’s not just his viewers who are sharing the videos, but also the influencers, too.

8. Piggyback on viral trends

The ability to find a topic that people are already actively searching for is a boon that is not hidden.

An apparent blessing amid a sloppy world. Can you even imagine?

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and develop content around the latest trends. However, don’t let your originality slip while doing it; remain true to yourself.

9. Make sure to promote the videos you post on social media.

It would help if you were where your audience is. It’s an order, you guys. Do not be hesitant when you’re trying to boost YouTube views.

You can share your video snippets on various social media sites and post the link to your video there. This also improves your connection with the algorithm because it initiates the YouTube session when the user clicks on your video link.

The video you uploaded led the user to your platform. The algorithm states that it assists in the organic ranking of your site.

10. Be Sure That Your Videos Are Embeddable

Allowing users to share your videos on sites or blogs is an excellent method for your company to connect with new viewers and gain more YouTube views.

If a video is embedded capability, YouTube will show them the Embed option after a user clicks Share’ beneath the video’s window.

It’s a free promotion that can boost YouTube views.

11. Create a Compelling thumbnail to increase YouTube Views

The thumbnail serves as a small image of your movie. It should be attractive, captivating, a strong representation of your brand, and depict the content of your video.

Don’t let your fingers fall off about this. Your click-throughs heavily depend on the quality that your thumbnails are.


Increasing the number of views and getting more views on YouTube is a process that takes some time. The platform comes with checks and balances that ensure high-quality video content gets to the viewers. Focus on creating unique content that your intended audience will appreciate.

Do your best to optimize your content and channel and advertise your content through other platforms. Then, work to build a loyal community of subscribers which means you’ll never need to think about expanding your views in the future!


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