205 Live results: April 16, 2021: Grey takes down Nese in seesaw collision


Jake Atlas, def. Ashante “You” Adonis

Even months after his brief rivalry with Brian Kendrick Ashante “You” Adonis still seems to be applying the veteran’s teachings.

Adonis focused on the laser in the swing battle with Jake Atlas, who also entered Friday’s 205 Live with another victory.

Adonis gave up the long two counts after flattening his opponent with a crossbody off the top rope, but Atlas rallied with his DDT Cartwheel to win. The Superstars also exchanged some select words as Atlas celebrated in the ring and Adonis stepped down the gangplank.

August Gray, def. Tony Nese

August Gray, who missed a chance to end Mansour’s undefeated streak with a countdown and was instead scrapped two weeks ago, was hoping to win back the fight with Tony Nese.

Aria Daivari, who joined the commentators, said he was impressed when Gray used the ropes as leverage to defeat the Prince of Persia a few weeks ago, but also criticized The Life of the Party for not defeating Mansur.

Nese took control, putting Gray on the mat with a rear suplex and dropping him with a pear. After the fight spilled over into the ring and The Life of the Party once again refused to win through the countdown, he canceled the Premier Athlete rollout by 1-2-3!


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