205 Live results: April 2, 2021: Parker and Sunil come up clutch against Nese and Daivari


Mansoor def. August Gray

After confidently pre-match bragging that he is the starter of the party and ending the streak, August Gray is clearly not sweating Mansoor, who entered the fight with a record 44-0.

Life of the Party nearly won after knocking off his opponent with So Much Prettier, but Mansour was knocked out of the ring after being hit. Gray was about to claim a no-count win, but instead he jumped out of the ring to beat the official count to nine, stating that he didn’t want to win that way.

However, by throwing Mansoor back into the square circle, Gray rolled over in the blink of an eye due to three counts!

After the call, Mansour shook hands, and Gray agreed after some hesitation, but quickly dropped Mansour’s hand and left.

Chase Parker and Sunil Singh def. Tony Nese and Aria Daivari

Still unsuccessful as partners, Ever-Rise and The Bollywood Boyz decided to give him one last try, agreeing to end the alliance if Chase Parker and Sunil Singh were unable to finally win their first victory over Bolly-Rise.

However, the ultimatum given to themselves did not mean that Parker and Sunil were committed to the rules set against Tony Nese and Aria Daivari.

First, Parker dived through the ring to abort the thrust attempt after Daivari stabbed Sunil with a frog. Daivari then lifted his gold chain, which Samir had just thrown onto the ring, and when the official asked the Persian prince about it, Sunil took advantage of the distraction by suddenly choosing 1-2-3!

All four Bolly-Rise members hugged and danced in the ring, while Nese and Daivari made a splash in the ring when 205 Live ended.


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