205 Live results: July 2, 2021: Gacy takes down Troy in NXT Breakout Tournament Qualifying Match


Andre Chase def. Guru Raaj in NXT Breakout qualifier

The NXT Breakout Tournament was central to 205 Live, and if the first fight between Guru Raage and Andre Chase is an indication of how the competition will play out, the WWE Universe should be a real treat.

Raaj, who nearly lost to Finn Balor and earned the prince’s respect during his epic Superstar Spectacle performance in January, seemed one step faster than his opponent at the start of the game when he evened Raaj with a hip and takedown.

Chase, however, took control by stepping on Raaj’s toes and raining rain on his right hand before talking about the WWE Universe at Capitol Wrestling Center.

And after claiming that it was supposed to be “No. 1 seed in the tournament. ”Chase backed up his bragging rights by jumping from his apron back into the ring and landing a modified stunner, followed by a suplex to win.

Joe Gacy def. Desmond Troy in NXT Breakout qualifier

The 205 Live Main Event featured a clear clash of styles, as Desmond Troy wanted to use his embellished amateur background to turn the fight into a classic of mat wrestling, and Joe Gacy showed off his wild brawl, trying to ensure that the high stakes match was decided in Donnybrook.

The commitment to the WWE Universe seemed to split during a unique encounter, with Troy gaining the upper hand, tattooing his opponent with a flying clothesline and a couple of belly-to-belly throws.

Gacy survived the Troy attack, however, and earned the victory by hitting his opponent with a brutal headbutt and piss before securing the victory with an explosive clothesline to qualify for the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Check out 205 Live next week, Friday at 10.09 C at Peacock in the US and on the WWE network elsewhere as the NXT Breakout qualifiers continue!


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