205 Live results: July 23, 2021


Asher Hale, def. Guru Raaj

It was evident in his eyes from the moment he crossed the threshold: Asher Hale was a desperate man.

The rebel contender got off to a good start in their 205 Live season, but the relative newcomer nonetheless went head-to-head against Guru Raaj after losing a five-game streak.

Raaj, who earned his first WWE win by folding Hale last week, almost did it twice in a row when he hit his opponent with his head on the carpet with a bulldog, but Raaj kicked out just in time.

Moments later, Hale kicked Raaj through with his kick, swinging his neck collar and unique suplex in quick succession to claim a much-needed victory. After the call, an excited Hale celebrated his victory, and a look of relief appeared on his face.

Jake Atlas, def. Ari Sterling

If you blinked during the intense 205 Live clash between Jake Atlas and Ari Sterling, chances are you missed something awesome.

In a match that was fought as evenly as it was fiercely, each contestant used incredible athleticism to break out of the other’s hurricane attempt, leading to an early stalemate.

After a malicious exchange of punches in the center of the ring, Sterling knocked down his opponent by throwing Atlas around the ring with a top rope harrikanran.

However, after a £ 450 attempt, Sterling hit his head in the bottom hitch and Atlas followed the perfect DDT Cartwheel to win. Atlas held out his hand and Sterling agreed as 205 Live ended.


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