205 Live results: July 30, 2021


Ikemen Jiro def. Grayson Waller

Much to the surprise of everyone (including Ikemen Jiro), Grayson Waller shook hands with his opponent at the start of the match and effectively allowed Jiro to shake his hand without incident. However, when Jiro offered his own handshake a few moments later, Waller quickly punched his opponent in the face.

Waller’s aggression continued when he put Jiro on the floor at the ring and folded him like an accordion around the ring post.

Jiro, who recently competed in the NXT Breakout Tournament, struggled with pain and locked Waller in a tarantula as a sign of respect to his trainer Tajiri.

And after Jiro knocked out a blow from the stunner, Jiro hit Waller with a vicious enzuigiri by 1-2-3.

Drake Maverick def. Asher Hale

You will forgive Drake Maverick for immersing himself in the moment and emotionally waving his arms around to rekindle the WWE universe ahead of his match with Asher Hale. For the first time in nearly a year, the handsome outsider took on a singles match at 205 Live, a brand he thrived during his tenure as CEO from 2017 to 2019.

Hale didn’t seem to care, as he knocked down his lesser enemy with a suplex and then collapsed arrogantly on the top rope and mocked the fans, who responded with taunts and shouts at the fighter with a new approach.

Hale aimed several times at Maverick’s neck, smashing it against the middle lanyard, banging it against the ring apron and kicking it around.

Although Maverick winced in pain for much of the match, Maverick dodged hard-hitting Hale to buy himself a respite, dropped him with a bulldog, landed over his shoulder over the top rope, and earned the win with sliced ​​bread.


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